Asteroid Blues – Miles From Mars ft. Paula B

Ibadan-based R&B band Miles From Mars – comprising individual acts SoulBlackSheep and Bio – is out with its debut single Asteroid Blues.

This duo uses a lot of space exploration imagery as part of their art and brand and when asked, they say it’s to remind the listeners that they are literally miles from Mars. Miles from Mars is impressive in the way they switch vocals, almost like two pilots at the helm of a spaceship with the aim of ‘creating beautiful sounds that are heavily influenced by their Nigerian roots’. Their debut single Asteroid Blues features Paula B and explores the themes of love and heartbreak, but with a sound that seeks to transport those that can relate to the pain to a place that is far from hurt and hopelessness.

We’re looking forward to more trips to space with Miles From Mars.

Many Men – Tonero

This is a welcome to 2018 from singer Tonero. His second single of the year, Many Men is a jam for Hip-Hop heads.

Tonero is one of the many that have been enamoured by music from a young age, but this artist did not start his journey till he got to the university, releasing his debut single Dirty SpriteThe reception for the song (over 28,000 streams on SoundCloud) was a confidence boost for the singer and a sign from the music gods for him to continue; the singer together with friends Adedayo Laketu and Nasir Ahmed (of MoreBranches) founded the music company Euphonic Music. Tonero released his first body of work Ajna in 2016. The tape was followed by a handful of singles including the fan favourite Missed Calls

Tonero took a hiatus at the beginning of this year but has ended the silence with the release of the single Many Men. The song features Kanebi and is inspired by his love for hardcore Hip-Hop/Rap. Listening to the beat for the first time last night, I was reminded of Tupac’s California Love. The song is a tale of Tonero’s journey so far and his wariness of the many waiting to see him fail and his never-shifting focus on his career.


No Land In Any Direction – FOREVATIRED

Nigerian sound is rapidly diversifying and it’s a delight to watch. Alt. Rock/Indie music that is melancholy is hardly listened to here in Nigeria, but that is slowly, but surely changing.

Enter Forever Tired – stylized as FOREVATIRED – a collective of young Nigerian artists formed in September 2017 led by Kyyd. The 15-man group includes rappers and vocalists, producers, photographers, videographers, graphic artists and muralists. The group collectively says ‘the idea of Forevatired has always been appealing—a large group of very talented friends working together to form a rap/alternative/soft rock band, all aged from their late teens to their early twenties, they have combined their separate skills to create and produce art that would stand out in its own unique way’.

They recently released their debut EP At The End Of Summer. Their latest single No Land In Any Direction written and performed by the group’s female lead vocalist Seo explores the theme of social anxiety. She says the inspiration for the song is drawn from ‘the insecurities, bitterness and frustrations that come with the human experience and social interaction and the feeling of being trapped having to satisfy the desires of the flesh, as well as the feeling of hopelessness, hence the name “No Land…’. Seo’s vocals are very soft and smooth on this one and it leaves an almost hypnotic effect on its listener, drawing one into the music.

FOREVATIRED is a movement The PGM Club is keen to watch.


Love Like This – Trill Xoe ft. Tonero & Rilwan

We cannot overemphasize how much we enjoy finding new music; it’s probably starting to sound like a scratchy vinyl record, but here we are. Another gem has been found.

The leading single off producer Trill Xoe’s debut EP Blood, Sweat and TearsLove Like This is beautiful. The R&B joint produced by Trill Xoe features fire vocals from Tonero (especially) and Rilwan. On the hook, Tonerolays some piercing melodies and descriptive lyrics as he discovers love in the club and how much more it can become while Rilwan struggles to get a hold of his current situationships and is conflicted between affection and isolation. For such an amazing track, it’s no wonder Love Like This is such a fan favourite and the love struggle is just one of the many themes expressed on the amazing compilation of work that is Blood, Sweat and Tears which features vocal talent and flow from Nessa, PsychoYP, Barelyanyhook, Foresythe, Bryan the Mensah, Zirra, Ocho, Kizz Ernie, Oma Mahmud and of course Tonero and Rilwan.

Listen to Blood, Sweat and Tears here.

Our Tomorrow – Profound

You’ve listened to Efe Oraka’s The Nigerian Dream and you’ve had time to think. It’s now time for you to act. Hip-Hop artist is not taking any excuses with the release of his latest single Our Tomorrow.

Hip-Hop artist Profound has been around for a hot minute with quite the string of successful singles and an equally successful EP Daddy Knows Best (2015). Early this year he released Peng Tingz and Coba Me (featuring Jefferey Benson) and last month he dropped his tribute to the girl of his dreams No TimeOur Tomorrow brings out Profound’s more conscious side with the artist crying foul on the lazy-Nigerian-youth notion and raising the clarion call for youth to get their PVCs and exercise their voting rights as the first step to reshaping our tomorrow.

The PGM Club is happy to see artists like Profound release more conscious content, doing their part in pushing the conversation and paradigm of change.

The Nigerian Dream – Efe Oraka

She gave us The Ultimate Jon Bellion mashup last year and this year, Efe Oraka is making us think.

Late last year Efe Oraka released the first single off her forthcoming Magic EP, taking us to WonderlandNow, this amazing young woman is crying for us to wake up from The Nigerian Dream (produced by Cheso). This thought-provoking single has Efe calling out the Nigerian system’s lack of priorities, sweeping important issues under the carpet and generally insulting the intelligence of the Nigerian public, and the absurd culture of living in excess. Efe also talks about the desensitization of Nigeria to mental health as she sings Oh but the kids are messed up… so messed up/Let’s just pretend that they’re not stressed/‘Cause “Nigerians don’t get depressed”

This young woman’s take on the notion of ‘the Nigerian Dream’ is one that requires a proper listening and The PGM Club implores you to listen properly to Efe Oraka’s words.

Listen to The Nigerian Dream here.

Continue – Yinka Oshodi

R&B singer Yinka Oshodi has a talent for making all our relationship indecisiveness look cute. With only two prior singles; this artist might just successfully return us to the loved-up 2000s.

Earlier in the year, she released her first single For You featuring Cidane and everything seemed fine in la-la-land, till she released Options (produced by and featuring Remy Baggins) and we had to do a double take. Apparently, the story isn’t over as the singer has released her third single Continue and it looks like the sister can’t let go of the unappreciative Mr. The Audio Monkey joint tells a story that is the exact opposite of the one we heard on Options; while Yinka is obviously besotted with the Mr, she does highlight the detriment of her affections and the rawness of the emotions she expresses is attention-stealingThe song is a lead for her forthcoming debut EP Spectrum.

Yinka Oshodi’s sultry vocals over the synths and percussions of the beat make for very soothing Afro Pop and you shouldn’t sleep on it.

Mo’Believe – Ariwo Eko

We would like to introduce Mo’Believe to our music loving community.  His music sounds so fresh yet indigenous.  The urban folklore artist fused the traditional Fuji and Juju sound into his EP Ariwo Eko in which he shares his own version of the Lagos City hustle.

We urge all good music lovers to listen.  You may find some correlation to your Lagos story.



Mango Juice & Bad Decisions – Ayüü

Abuja-based artist Ayüü Safi has released his third EP after H.E.R (His Emotions Recorded) and ØÜ By ØÜ both released in 2017This one is called Mango Juice & Bad Decisions and it’s beautiful.

The EP is the artist’s first 2018 project and it’s a vibe. Mango Juice & Bad Decisions provides just the right amount of nostalgia with samplings of songs like Sisquo’s Thong Song (00 Nostalgia), Nelly and Kelly’s Dilemma and Cardi B’s Ring (In 2 Ü) and others. The project is another one that explores the woes of a complicated relationship and shows off Ayüü’s versatility as a singer/rapper. The EP enlists production from Higo, Jaylon, Benny Que and DOZ and additional talent from Psycho YP and Andrè Wolff.

Ayüü describes Mango Juice & Bad Decisions as his ‘best work thus far’ and we think you should listen to it.

Love Around – CalledOut Music

There are only a few times we appreciate YouTube suggestions on autoplay. Today is one of those days at The PGM Club. Hardly do you find Gospel music with the right amount of fun to fit into a summer playlist, but we listened to CalledOut Music’s Love Around and well, homeboy did that.

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