Interlude 3 – Wavy the Creator x Zamir

Since H.I.G.H, Wavy the Creator has put out a series of interludes – projects that are softer and more intimate than her usual art.

The singer’s mates single and third interlude, aptly named Interlude 3 produced by Genio Bambino features rapper Zamir.

Wavy recently released the official video for this interlude via her VERY RARE VIBES channel on YouTube. The video was directed by camera-bender TSE and SAN V.

An impressive thing about this video (and Wavy’s general visual expression) is how clearly you can see that she is the centerpiece of the art. TSE’s command of colour is seen in the video but you can easily see how heavily Wavy herself is inspiration for the video.

Watch Interlude 3 here.

PIAC – Andre Wolff ft Ayuu & WavyTheCreator

Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi (CE Soir). If ever there was a dancehall interpretation of this famous French phrase; this would be it.  Andre, Wavy, and Ayuu; all with their different styles and flavors come together to serve a cool islandy track you cannot deny. Including a sampling of different songs: Snoop Dogg’s Murder Was The Case, Carolina (Sauce Kid ft Davido), and a sprinkle of Wizkid’s Tease Me providing just the right amount of nostalgia, and lyrics that are less than prude.

PIAC is definitely a tune to plug in this summer.


Reviewed by Eseosa Osagie-Bello

Wavy TheCreator Releases Official Video for “H.I.G.H” & Second Single “STAY”

In 2017, the PGM Club was introduced to multi-talented artist Wavy The Creator who made an unrivaled burst on the music scene.

Wavy has kicked off the new year with the release of her official video for her breakout debut “H.I.G.H” as well as a new single “Stay.”

H.I.G.H, which stands for (Her In Greater Heights) takes viewers through a psychedelic experience captured by a bunch of young people having the time of their lives. Look closely and you can see the waves move through the visuals and ultimately transcend viewers into greater heights!

The new single ‘Stay’ is a story of a love once had, lost and all the pain that it entails. On this record, Wavy delves into more melancholy themes, showing her versatility as a musician


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Instagram: @wavythecreator

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Watch – H.I.G.H Official Video

H.I.G.H Audio:

STAY Audio:

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