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Tolani and Reekado Banks Team Up On ‘Ba Mi Lo’

Tolani has kicked off the year with a new single titled ‘Ba Mi Lo’ featuring Reekado Banks. This comes over a year after the release of her debut single ‘Tenderoni’ with Skales.

Mr. Eazi, Falana, & Seyi Shay feature on the Pushing Good Music Radio Show

In this episode, Mr. Eazi stops by to discuss his new ep “Lagos To London” and shares his acquired knowledge of the music business.

Ride Or Ride – Falana

Falana is one artist we know for her unique blend of flavor when it comes to putting out music.  Growing up in Toronto, the singer was exposed to both Afrobeats and Highlife along with International chart hits and she’s a master at bringing this diversity of influence of music to life.

DRB, Idris King & Pretty Boy D.O feature on the Pushing Good Music Radio Show

In this episode, DRB LasGidi comes together on-air after 10yrs to discuss their past (with the controversy surrounding their hiatus), their present and future plans…

Jiggy – Idris King

The French King has returned with a film for his third single Jiggy; and with a title like that, we knew the 90s Baby founder was sure to give us something entirely different.

The Bidemi Popson-directed video starts out with Idris serenading via TV screen a beautiful black woman in a red dress (also glittering gold, because black women are made of gold and honey) mused by Bariga Sugar director Ifeoma Chukwuogo, till he taps the screen and is teleported to his muse’s location to continue the good work. Then the story switches with the second verse, as Idris and his ‘gang’ chases down a ‘debtor’ to get their ‘dues’ and Idris ‘kills’ the guy with a toy gun and the video cuts to a ‘party’ with the gang ‘popping bottles’ and ‘spending cash’ – in a way that is caricature of the gang life, inspired by the movie – City of God.

The video is weird and fun and you really can’t expect anything less from Idris King.

(Review) – MO’ Believe – Ariwo Eko

Ariwo Eko tells MO’s version of events in Lagos. His ideas and production are strong and aligned in an interesting manner, for someone in his early 20s MO takes on a big role on this project and delivers…

Illusions by Leriq & Tomi Thomas (Review)

Love is a beautiful thing, with the right partner love conquers all, so they say.

Every generation of artists usually take on the topic of Love & Heartbreak, Love is the theme in RnB, there’s a song to help prepare you for your first dates, for the serenading nights, for the memories to be made.

A wise man once said ‘All good things must come to an end’

If love is fuel that takes a couple to cloud nine and beyond then Heartbreak is the failed engine causing the plane to crash.

Love coexists with heartbreak, as long as there are people in love, there will always be heartbreak lurking in the shadows waiting to come to light and in turn creating a place for artists to pour their hearts out and an audience waiting to connect with the artists to help them feel better. Most times the audience carry their heartbreaks on their sleeves while some choose to play it cool.

This is where I am with Illusions an EP by Leriq and Tomi Thomas. An album fueled by love, lust, heartbreak and more.

Over the last couple of years, Leriq has been one of the most brilliant producers coming out of Nigeria, Africa.  His production work with Burna boy, Mojeed, Pucado, Ozone’s project speaks volume. However that same volume has failed to be present in his last 2 solo projects on the other is Tomi Thomas who has been a star to watch out for since his secondary days with boyband LOS, his versatility sets him apart, with each project Tomi takes on different challenges, different genres.

Tomi is best described as the artist with the soul of an old Kanye West song and the energy of a prime Rooney. If plot 49 was the perception that Tomi Thomas could be one of the most versatile artists to be reckoned with, Illusions is Tomi Thomas using his vocals as the focal point to connect to the audience. Leriq’s ability to infuse various genres together and make the production simple yet classy.

The EP places Tomi’s vocals at the center of it all and Leriq’s production at the backseat providing support.

‘I never thought you could be so cold, and my nights got darker even since you gone’

The EP starts off disgruntled, Tomi expresses his frustration for his partner’s departure on Thru the Fire. His vocal and energetic patois delivery is what strings the track, Tomi’s ability to switch from one mood to another is what makes him a robust artist, when the tempo is set, he allows himself to sink deep into the lines, he has the ability to make every line sound like he’s reliving the burden, taking the listeners through the emotions this is evident on All for Love, Breaking it off.

Tomi’s reggae delivery on Hammer was pleasing to the ears. Tomi’s real feat is his voice control, the ability to go high swiftly, and downtempo.

I love Tomi’s versatility, his ability to switch up the genre is brilliant but in the process of showing off his versatility It’s easy for one to get lost in the process, he bounces from lust to love to heartbreak, too much of everything is indeed an overkill.

This EP showcases Tomi Thomas’s hunger for exploration, while always experimenting various sounds to test his limits.


Essential Tracks: Hammer, All for Love, #Instachewies

#PGM: GRL PWR – Lady Donli

If you’re still of the school of thought that Alternative music is not for Nigeria, you should pay more attention to Lady Donli.

You – Hamzaa

You is R&B/Soul artist Hamzaa’s second solo single and it is a follow-up to her debut single Stranded Love which dropped in June this year. We first heard this 19-year-old Londoner when she featured on Odunsi’s Mine earlier this year and we had to listen.

You is a self-written song by Hamzaa, produced by Jacob Attwooll. The song is a completely acoustic (and this writer is a sucker for a good acoustic); an ode to lost love. With Hamzaa’s beautiful husky vocals accompanied by melodies from the piano and guitar, You is sad in a way that soothes you. The video sees the artist through snippets of her creative process in writing and recording the song with flashbacks of the relationship she couldn’t save and the sadness that comes after such a loss.

With Stranded Love getting over 350k streams across Spotify and Apple Music, and airplay on BBC1 Xtra and Julie Adenuga’s Beats 1 show, and with such an amazing follow-up, we really are excited to see what more Hamzaa has for the world.

Clay Is The One

On Monday, rock artist; Clay released the audio and video of her new single featuring Johnny Drille; The One. The song brings Clay’s rock and Johnny Drille’s folk sound together flawlessly.

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