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Welcome to The Safari Book Club

“A Safari is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists in Africa. In the past, the trip was often a big-games hunt… The Swahili word safari means journey, originally from the Arabic adjective سفر (safar) meaning a journey, travelling, touring or voyaging.”- Wikipedia 

These words from the Wikipedia page for the word ‘Safari’ is an apt reflection of the ideals and mentality we wish to inculcate in every member of The Safari Book Club. We are embarking on a journey, a voyage by African book-hunting tourists to explore the written works of men and women the world over, with particular emphasis on African Writers and those of African descent.

This is more than your regular book club. Fun, games and socializing will be encouraged and suggested. To become a member, kindly follow the link below to fill in your details. We will do our little vetting process and if we are satisfied with what we find, you’ll be added to the mailing list and WhatsApp group. That would officially make you a Safarian. 👌

To maintain the propriety of the Club, there are a couple of regulations and restrictions we take very seriously.
Becoming a member of the club also means you agree to the following:

  1. The purpose of this book club is to read and enjoy literature! So, if you love books, and you’re ready to discuss them… you’re in the right place.
  2. You may find that you disagree with the opinions of another member of the Club. That’s fine, it is okay to disagree as long as it’s done respectfully.
  3. You will not insult, sham or engage in any form of bullying. Except in cases of friendly banter or taunts.
  4. Inappropriate behavior and/or language will not be tolerated. However, the occasional swear word is permitted.
  5. Moderator(s) will be chosen to head discussions for each week.
  6. Please respect the authority of the moderator at all times.
  7. During discussion time, try to keep on topic, but feel free to introduce information that is relevant to the discussion (historical facts, bio details, book background, related authors or topics).
  8. You will not share links, content or any other information generated in the club with non-members.
  9. Creatives are discouraged from posting their work on the floor of the house. They are however encouraged to send their art to the Admins, who would do an edit, before posting.
  10. We are all equal and suggestions, criticisms, and contributions will always be welcome.
  11. Please, there will be no spoilers! Discussions about the book we are reading should only take place at the agreed time and date.
  12. All meetings will start on time, by 6 pm (WAT) every Sunday.
  13. The Safari Book Club is completely free and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.
  14. Defaulters will be warned only twice, before been ejected.

    To enable you to actively participate and contribute to discussions. We urge you to download and use any of the following book apps, they are relatively small in size and can read both PDF and EPUB formats. Follow these links to download. However, to be able to bookmark pages and write notes you would be better off reading in an EPUB format.

We have compiled an initial Reading List of 20 books, pooled from authors across different genre and nationalities. They are all under 300 pages and available in PDF and EPUB formats.

We will have members vote on the particular book to be read every week on twitter, via the Book Club’s handle @Safaribookclub You will also be receiving the occasional newsletter from time to time, containing links and other relevant information. All complaints, book suggestions, enquires and requests can be sent in an email to

Once again, welcome to The Safari Book Club, we look forward to a thoroughly exciting time.

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