Ycee Wraps Up The Ycee Vs Zaheer Saga With “Quarantunes”

Despite the gradual easing of the lockdown in Lagos and across the federation, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic is still felt everywhere, by everyone. We still can’t move about freely as we’d love to; masks have become the latest fashion trend; people are still taking pay cuts; there’s mass hysteria all across, and many industries are still on hold. But our musicians have done their best to ensure we aren’t exactly alone in times like this. Ever since the lockdown began, they have continued to seek novel ways to get us engaged either through virtual battles and live performances, giveaways and more and more music. And just this morning, popular rapper Ycee became the latest in the list of artists with quarantine-themed releases with his new project titled “Quarantunes”.

This EP that came with only a few days warning would be Ycee first body of work since his polarizing debut 2019 “Ycee Vs Zaheer” album which was a clash of his alter egos. And according to Ycee, this new project is the wind-up to that “saga.” Surprisingly, “Quarantunes” is just two tracks long, with Ycee and Zaheer having their final bout with one strike each.

Listen to this EP above and let us know what you think.


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