YBthewildyouth Dabbles In Dancehall With ‘On Me’

Edward Kobina Komfo also known as YBthewildyouth has been putting in the work. Right from a tender age, he grew a reputation in the Masha-axis of Surulere with his first single ‘Hit Em Up’ which had his strong vocals and overbearing confidence on full display. And ever since, he’s been experimenting with sounds and honing his production skills, while secluded from the city life. Now, the young singer is giving us a taste of the material he’s been working on in seclusion with this new self-produced single titled ‘On Me’.

‘On Me’ is a melodic dancehall record delivered in a near-whisper where YBthewildyouth croons about a lover’s need to share intimate times with their partners.

With “Thewildyouth” serving as a metaphor to his defiance to societal norms and his nonconformist nature as a creator and musician, he says “YBthewildyouth is not just a stage name. It represents my story, journey and purpose as an artist.”

Enjoy the single above.


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