With “Walk On Water,” Wapo Makes a Bold Stance.

For his debut EP tagged “Walk On Water,” Wapo spreads his sonic tentacles across three well-curated songs that showcase the artist’s skills and draws in old and new listeners to his world. The project which was released a few days is a solo project which allows Wapo to register his sound and establish his dominance.


This project houses songs like “Mad,” “No White Tees” and “Walk On Water (A Kanye Theme).” While talking about the project on his IG page, Wapo had this to say, “At the end of 2020 I set a goal for myself. It was to stop posting covers of other people’s songs and start writing my stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it was cool doing covers but I really wanted something I was proud to call my own, something I composed. January 2021 came and I freestyled-ish my first ever piece where I connected with myself deeply and omo it was crazy o- something like a spell. The name of the track was called Mad and instantly I fell in love with my thought process. It was tough at first because initially, I couldn’t access that freeness I had with Mad to recreate something similar and it was difficult doing that because I was being intellectual about it, something that was so spiritual. It took some time for me to just leave it and try something else while still feeling those similar emotions I went through. I created No White Tees and Walk on Water a year after with Soü and I knew they were the perfect trifecta because they all centred on the same subject matter but were so different. Afterwards, I began to write about other things and did so much music that I really love (lol don’t worry you’ll hear them soon, hopefully). When I composed track 1, I was indeed mad at so many things lol, things were really off. It was like a door had opened where it was possible to be Wapo, the person I had known to be who I see today. It’s all just very cool guys and I’m super excited! I hope you connect with it the way I do. These three songs give you a glance into my mind and that is awesome. They’ve changed me. Thank you for rocking with the boy.
Love, Wapo.”

In Walk On Water, Wapo takes his listeners through a journey of his mind. He gives a taste of what his music sounds like.  Wapo is conscious of the fact that he needs to leave a lasting impression, and with this project, he does just that. His ability to keep everything short and straight to the point greatly aids the replay value of Walk On Water. It is obvious that this project is Wapo’s way of living fearlessly and promoting his music boldly. Listen to the project here and let us know your thoughts about the project.


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