Wavy Doesn’t Need Closeness – Stay

Musician, Producer, Filmmaker, Fashion Designer. Wavy The Creator is an all-around artist and we’re shown that once again with her latest video for her song Stay. The video brings Wavy’s mystique and eccentricity are brought to light in this video.

The video starts and ends with monologues from the artist that refuse the notion of love and commitment; an accurate interpretation of the song’s message as Wavy accepts and becomes at home in her aloneness. The found-footage style video (directed and edited by Wavy) shot on location in Ghana is a psychedelic one reminiscent of the artist’s alien nature. Stay is Wavy’s first ever recorded song and she has a soft spot for this one: “I think out of all the songs I have released so far Stay is closest to home because I can remember every feeling I felt while I was recording this song, especially because it was my first time recording an actual song. So it does hold a lot of meaning to me in some way.”

With visuals like hers for H.I.G.H and Stay, Wavy continues to show why she is the creator.


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