Victony embraces living life on his terms in new Outlaw EP

Following Victony’s first hip-hop mixtape in 2017 titled The Outlaw King, the singer has gravitated toward other genres like Pop and R&B . Victony has gone on to release projects like Saturn, Dark Times, etc. He has come through with a new 7 track EP tagged Outlaw.

Outlaw exposes an approach of acceptance, freedom and artistic expression to life as adopted by the singer. Many would attribute this to the singer’s April 2021 ghastly auto accident which claimed the life of his friend, Doyin and left the singer in a wheelchair for months.

If I had died in that accident, life would’ve gone on, and everybody would’ve forgotten about me. My music would live on – but life goes on, right? So why don’t you just do what makes you happy and just be you – because at the end of the day, man, you’re going to die someday. So, just do what makes you happy and just be you to the max.

The first song on the 7 track EP is Outlaw. Here, he tells the story of being an outlaw. Living life on his terms without fear. He follows this up with Chop & Slide which is a narration of a materialistic girl interested in him only for what she stands to gain. A very familiar theme in many Afropop songs. Next comes Apollo which was released before the EP, it had already become a fan favourite. Apollo is a direct sample of DJ Clock’s “Pluto (Remember You)”. The fourth track All Power pays supplications to the powerful derriere of a beautiful woman. Lust is the dominant emotion in this song and here, Victony is trying to catch his breath as he soaks in the wonderful sight before him. It is a very vibrant song with club banger energy. Joelene comes next and is a very enjoyable song with a unique melody, it happens to be my favourite song on the EP. In Soweto, Victony is trying to woo a girl, he professes love in a very calm and beautiful manner. The EP ends with Kolomental which was released a few weeks before now, the song focuses on staying on track and refusing to be deterred by obstacles.

Production credits to Blaisebeatz, Tempo, Ktizo and P.Priime. Listen to the Outlaw EP here


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