Veteran rappers, Vector and M.I shove their beef aside and team up to release “Crown of Clay”

Two of Nigeria’s most prolific rappers team up to deliver a most memorable rap song “Crown of Clay” produced by Pheelz. He also does the hook in the track. The track shares the same name with their soon to be released collaborative EP. The new jam is a follow up to Vector’s “Early Momo” and M.I’s single “African Knockout”.

Both rappers have had beef for a while with diss tracks flying from one camp to another and angsty fan wars. Devoted fans of both rappers have excitedly waited in anticipation since the announcement  of Crown of Clay’s release to finally see two of the best rappers in Nigeria set their squabbles aside and make good music together.

Of course, this hip hop joint doesn’t disappoint. It speaks on black heritage celebrating Africans and our black skin. The kind of track that rewards for multiple listens.

Listen and Enjoy.


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