Garey Godson Premieres New Project – ‘STILL I RISE’ (PODCAST)

On this very special edition of The PGM Radio Show, we practiced social distancing due to the ongoing corona pandemic and held an online PGM Radio Show session on Instagram and Zoom with Nigerian born artist and record producer Garey Godson who is based in Berlin, Germany.

We exclusively premiered and talked about his soon to be released album titled ‘Still I Rise’- A project inspired by legendary poet and artist; Maya Angelou. Borrowing the title of one of her more famous poems. We also discussed the inherent vicissitudes of life, resilience, self-love, and beauty in the midst of chaos. And finally, we touched on his music production process, influences and possible collaborations in the works.

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The album ‘Still I Rise‘ drops on Saturday, March 28th, 2020.

From all of us at The PGM Club, we admonish you to stay indoors, wear face marks, wash and sanitize your hands. Together we will fight this pandemic to a standstill.

PGM Radio Show Curates A Special Playlist Titled – Listen To Women

Welcome to a brand new episode of your favorite Radio Show; The PGM Radio Show, where we push Good Music.
In this episode, we continued our month-long discussions in celebration of Women’s History Month. We had members of the club pitch in their thoughts and ideas on the music put out by women in the music industry. To this end, our ladies curated a playlist of awesome music put out by female artists in recent times. The playlist is available exclusively on Apple’s iTunes.
Click here to listen to the full playlist –  Listen To Women Playlist
Finally, please remember to wash your hands and avoid large gatherings of people. Together, we will beat this new Pandemic ripping through the world.

PGM Radio Discusses “Positive & Negative Effects of Lyrics on Society”

In this episode of the PGM Radio Show, we continue our discussions in celebration of Women’s History Month; and this week our focus was on The Positive & Negative Effects of Lyrics on Society especially as regards women, appearance and the promotion of infidelity.

Highlighting some popular songs by well-known artists such as 2 Baba, Tiwa Savage, Mo Hits, MI, Olamide and other household names, we dissected their lyrics and proposed ways of promoting the right attitude and culture in the Nigerian music industry.

Listen to the podcast and give us your feedback.

PGM Radio Discusses Patriarchy in Nigerian Music Scene And Lyrics


On this special episode of the PGM Radio Show, in celebration of Women’s History month; we hosted the amazing team from Femme Africa. We sat down to discuss the Nigerian music scene and its affinity to patriarchy.

Dissecting the lyrics of a popular Nigerian rapper, we delved into the world of feminism and its inherent clamor for equality across genders. Beginning with word definitions, we also discussed the term ‘Misogyny’ as opposed to ‘sexism’, its misconceptions and real-life applications.

Drawing opinions from our hosts and members of the club, we had an intense, yet truly informative session.

In furtherance of our strong support and belief in feminism, we will be continuing these conversations throughout the month of March. Next week we shall be having some really interesting guests, so tune in next week Wednesday, by 10 pm to follow the conversation on The Beat 99.9 FM.

Listen to the podcast to get the full story.

Deena Ade & WeTalkSound Respectively Drop New Music on PGM Radio

In this episode of The PGM Radio show, we had several amazing acts in the building. The hugely talented Deena Ade broke down her Musical Journey; drawing inspiration from Erykah Badu, her sound, her new single; ‘Cruising At Your Altitude’ and plans for the future.

We also had the talented crew of We Talk Sound; this amazing collective of music lovers including sound engineers, web developers, producers, rappers, vocalists and publicists, exemplify the cliche; ‘Two heads are better than one’ in more ways than one.

In the last two years, they have put out three projects and they have arguably become the biggest collaborative album series in the country. Titled LOFN 3, they call on the lyrical prowess of Vader, Meji, Dwin, Yinka and the soothing vocals of Jola Bello, plus a host of other talented artists to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable project.

They also spoke about the process of selecting songs for the project and properly introduced us to Meji and Jola Bello. Two budding acts to definitely watch out for.

To cap it off, we had a live freestyle session with Meji, Vader and an incredibly gifted female rapper doing justice to a J Cole beat.

Listen to the podcast to get the complete gist.

To watch the freestyle click here

Yinka Bernie, Joyce O discuss pain & premiere new single on PGM Radio

On this episode of The PGM Radio Show, we sat down with the talented and versatile creatives; Joyce Olong and Yinka Bernie. After an exclusive premiere of the new single, “It’s Okay To Cry” we discussed the process behind the making of new the song. Yinka shared some insights on going through pain and disappointment that almost made him quit music. Joyce also spoke about her poetry, Introversion and a new album she’s working on.

We also got a surprise visit from the super-gifted duo – The Cavemen. The pair of core instrumentalists have shared the stage with some notable names in the industry; including Bez, Femi Leye and Lady Donli. They shared some tidbits about their journey in the music industry and aspirations for the future, including plans for a new album before summer and a metropolitan tour.

Listen to the podcast to get the complete story.


pgm live black love

PGM live black love

People of Abuja, PGM Live is coming to your city on the 22nd of February at the Junkyard with Black Magic and Kaline. Come vibe with us.  It promises to be an unforgettable experience.


Kida Kudz, Somadina both drop Individual Projects on PGM Radio

On this new episode of the PGM Radio Show, we sit down with Talented UK-based Nigerian rapper; Kida Kudz and his amazing partner Tinika. We also had an online interview with fast rising British based singer; Somadina.

Kida Kudz who just got back into the country recently released a body of work he calls ‘Nasty’. Published under Disturbing London Records, the 10 track EP boasts of some wonderful records including; Feeling good and Tasty Time. Kida Kudz broke down the reason behind the EP, his process of making music, plans for the future and being a dad.

Somadina, a fast-rising singer, currently based in the UK, shared with us her musical beginnings, from opening for Odunsi to the release of her latest body of work; Five Stages. On the show she shares, how the grief of a close friend inspired the EP. She also links the popular psychological five stages of grief to the title of her EP.

Listen to the podcast to get the complete story.

One On One with Blackmagic (Podcast)

On this episode, we sat down with one of Africa’s most gifted vocalist; Blackmagic to discuss his latest body of work; Blackmagic 3.0 (Starving Artist). A follow up to his 2013 classic; ‘Blackmagic 2.0’ which had prominent tracks such as ‘Repete’ and ‘confam’ with the delectable Sasha P.

This new album, which came as a pleasant surprise to all the lovers of good music, has beautiful tracks such as ‘Bad intentions’, ‘Anything for love’ and ‘Soon’. Blackmagic calls on the talents of ‘Try me’ crooner Tems and rapper Big Bad. In the interview, Blackmagic breaks down his song-writing process, his musical journey so far, the pressure of acceptance, and plans for the future, as well as the process that led to the album. He also drops some very potent advice for young artistes and people in the music business.

Listen to the podcast to get the full story

PGM Radio Reflects On 2019 & Projects Artists To Look Out For in 2020

On this first edition of the PGM Radio show for the year 2020, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and discuss all the music, albums, Eps and artistes that gave us the very best music in 2019.

We talked about the incredible albums put out by Burna boy, Show Dem Camp, Lady Donli, Fireboy DML, Alpha Ojini and a host of other talented artistes. We also discussed the emergence of several talented new arts in the year under review, from the delectable Tems to Buju, Tolani and a plethora of lovely new kids on the block.

2020 promises to be an awesome year! We have a number of wonderful events and activities planned for the year, keep listening in and checking the website for more details.

Next week, the PGM Live Returns Jan 31st.

Grammy Nominee, Thutmose, Wavy & Michael Ugwu discuss on PGM Radio (Podcast)

On this week’s edition of The PGM Radio Show, we had some amazing guests in the house. Including two Grammy nominees; Nigerian born, but Brooklyn raised Thutmose and A&R extraordinaire Mr Bankulli.

We also had a chat with veteran Music Connoisseur, former head of Sony Music Africa and the CEO of Freeme Digital, Nigeria’s premier Music distribution platform; Michael Ugwu. He spoke about the massive expansion going on at Freeme Digital with the launch of an office in London and a state of the art recording studio in Lagos, called the Freeme Space.

We sat down to talk with Grammy nominee; Thutmose on his music, his plans for the future and his Naija roots. We also had a revealing chat with the dynamic Wavy the creator. She talked about her music and the versatility of her artistry.

Listen to the podcast to get the full gist.

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