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Blaqbonez Takes It A Step Further On “Bad Boy Blaq – Re-Up”

Blaqbonez struck gold in 2018. The burgeoning rap sensation has been tirelessly putting in work ever since the release of his mixtape “HipHop In Blaq” in 2013, such that hardly has a year gone by without him releasing a body of work. However, despite the quality of these releases, they were not enough to shed him off the “underground rapper” tag; not until last year when things started to turn around.

 Backed by 100 Crowns and Chocolate City, his debut album, “Bad Boy Blaq”, propelled him into mainstream consciousness. The final project of the game-changing 2018 LAMB August rollout is an experimental and deeply fascinating “Bad Boy Blaq,” which gave Blaqbonez the mainstream acceptance and recognition that had eluded him for years. With the album, he established a foothold in the industry as one of the most talented rap artist rising through the ranks.

Now, barely five months after the release of the breakout album, Blaqbonez is treating us to a follow-up project titled the “Bad Boy Blaq Re-UP.” And as the title implies, this project is built on the successes of its immediate predecessor.

It is not a Part II. It was just due to the fact that we did a lot with the original project, it almost got there but there was like a little bit extra we could do to get it over the line, which is why I worked on the re-up.” He explains in an interview with Pulse.

Ever since the release of the last album, Blaqbonez has continued to maintain a high level of fan-engagement on social media with tweets, hilarious video clips and hot takes on trending issues. As a result, Blaqbonez can boast of one of the most organic, dedicated, and ever-growing cult-following among the young acts today and perhaps the best for hip-hop at the moment.

Blaqbonez may not be popping as much on the streets but mans is pulling quite impressive numbers on the streaming platforms. And now, the release of the Re-Up seems to be Blaq’s latest strategy at maintaining and optimizing his audience retention especially given the short attention span albums are given these days.

The Re-up contains a hazy mix of fresh cuts and remixes of some of the Bad Boy Blaq‘s standout records. Blaqbonez enlists the efforts of an all-star cast of young gifted acts who help to provide several moments of brilliance on the project and also helping the remixed cuts to have a refreshing feel.

The project is arranged in such a way that the remixes off  “Bad Boy Blaq”, come right in between the new songs. This provides a sense of familiarity while listening to the project such that it’s new but doesn’t feel so new. Also, the remixes maintained the exact order by which they appear on the album.

All but two tracks feature guest verses. On the opener and the final track of the project which also happen to be the most personal cuts on the project, Blaq is a lone ranger bringing it all to bear on the records. Both songs are polar opposites, reflecting two different sides of the pink-haired rapper. On ‘No Longer Stupid‘, Blaq is introspective, apologetic and appreciative all in the same breath. Through a reminiscent style of detailing, he recognises how far he has come in the industry and acknowledges the naive mistakes he made on the come up. Acknowledging his growth in several factors, Blaqbonez also appreciates some of those who helped set him straight and those who still showed him loved despite him doing them wrong.

On the flip side, ‘Bxtch’ finds a stone-faced Blaq coming all out at his prior detractors and doubters. On the second verse, he had some not-so-subtle jabs for who many have perceived to be Yung6ix. Although he does not name-drop the rapper, with lines like Somebody stole your lines, okay/Somebody stole your shine, I did it/ Guess Somebody stole your balls/Cos you ain had the guts to try be specific he might as well have as all fingers point to Yung6ix following his reaction to the LAMB Martell Cypher.

Another side of Blaqbonez, the comical and playful one that is hard to miss on his social media pages these days comes to bear on the track ‘Good Boy’. On the tongue-in-cheek anthem for the “nice” guys, Blaq makes up for his limited signing talents by recruiting the efforts of BOJ and CKay who didn’t fail to deliver intoxicating performances. Despite his voice sounding raspy, Blaq also delivers an infectious sing-along chorus that makes record one of the standouts of the project. The playful Blaqbonez also shows up in brief moments in tracks like Denied and Play Remix.

Blaqbonez has come a long way. It’s undeniable that Blaqbonez raw talents are fast being forged into shining diamonds.  He has proven himself time and again as one of the most talented and promising rap artists rising the ranks with a solid and enviable fanbase and this tape is a solid addition to his catalogue. In fact, he is just a hit single short of being a household name.

The “Re-up” might have been birthed from “Bad boy Blaq“, but it breathes a life of its own. The short and sweet project is a showcase of his level of talent and versatility and also a promise of better things to come.

The true Message behind Falz’s “This is Nigeria”

This Is Nigeria – Falz

Nigeria: sweat, tears, and blood. This is what Falz has very accurately captured in his This Is Nigeria video. The song which is a cover of Childish Gambino’s This Is America is graphic in its depiction of the injustices and struggles faced every day by the average Nigerian.

Childish EP Reviewed

Milli, a rapper, singer, producer and now filmmaker recently released his new EP titled “Childish”.
We’ve listened to it, digested it and created a review of our thoughts on it here at the PGM Club.

Milli is not a new name in the new alternative, boundary breaking, highly creative music scene taking over Nigeria right now.
We’ll go as far to say he’s one of the few unique minds who has fought to stay true to his art and the music he wants to create, and that is once again evident in this new Childish EP.

With each body of work, Milli showcases his unique singing, rapping talents that make up his sound.
We don’t want to say he reminds us of someone but his sound is one in touch with the mind and direction of his craft.

A Look at the Childish EP

The Childish EP is a mix of sounds touching different elements and having a unique sound.
The tape begins with a song ‘For Mum’ dedicated to his late mom who passed away in May 2017.  it’s a lovely song with strong emotions for anyone who’s lost someone dear.

The next song ups the tempo a bit as Milli bridges old wounds with “Flex” featuring Ice Prince, MI, and Cameey and like the title of the song clearly indicates with the trap infused beat it’s all about flexing on the haters with this one.

“Monica” has Milli attempting to be a bit more commercial and free, might I say this is his attempt to create an experimental Afrobeat song without losing himself and he was far off with this and it’s one of the weaker songs on the tape as it’s not one of his stronger points but he’s saved with “On God” which has Milli rapping about his career and how far he’s come.
It’s always refreshing to have Milli rap, he should do that more and this song reminds us he still has some bars.

“Not Over You” is probably one of the best songs on the tape with a groovy, upbeat, RnB feel. Milli is heard singing about the girl he’s obviously not gotten over.  It’s definitely a better attempt than “Monica”.

“Where do babies comes from Interlude” is probably one of the best interludes I’ve heard this year, with the Mario influenced beat that had Milli having fun over a Beat By Jay production, followed by another Beat By Jay song called “Blessed” which is also one of the best songs on the tape, this has Milli recollecting his journey and how far he’s come.

The last two songs touch on a regular theme already in the tape, with “Baby” which has him bragging about his woman, probably the one he finally got back and “Work” rounding up the tape with an impressive set of bars which had Milli this time bragging about himself and how’s he’s gonna be one of the best to do it.

Overall, Childish is a decent tape from Milli. It’s something a fan would enjoy.  Though a good body of work, Milli can still touch a level in his art that’s still left unexplored with the amount of talent he has.

We at the PGM Club recommend you listen to “Childish” by Milli.

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