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Watch Teni’s Dream Become A Reality In The Video For ‘Billionaire’

After a brilliant eye-catching rollout all week long, the video for Teni‘s ‘Billionaire‘ is finally here. This is the lead single for her recently released 6-track debut EP of the same title. Although the project was released to mixed reactions, Teni turns the tide in her favour with this brilliantly directed video: a strong video of the year contender.

Produced by Pheelz, ‘Billionaire’ is an up-tempo record, rich in instrumentation and overflowing with ambition. This, therefore, provides a perfect blend of a stunning dance record with a declarative and prayerful lyrics. Proudly weaving together Yoruba and English over ‘alujo‘-laced percussions, Teni sings of her lofty dreams of being a billionaire as well as the luxury and excess that comes with being one. In the accompanying video, that dream is realised.

The TG Omori-directed video opens with Teni daydreaming of being a star and billionaire at a family get-together. She is then seen preparing hard for her shot at the reality tv game show, Who Wants To Be A Billionaire with Frank Edoho. She finally gets her chance as a contestant and she ends up with the star prize of a billion naira. The video peaks with a hilarious appearance from Instagram comic, Broda Shaggi when he is called on to help Teni with her quest via the “phone a friend” lifeline.


Rema Is A Willing Captive In The Video For ‘Lady’

Rema‘s story is one like no other. Ever since he was activated and unveiled by Mavin/Jonzing World, the young lad has been a star. His debut and introductory self-titled EP, “Rema” which housed smashes like ‘Dumebi‘ and ‘Corny‘ kicked off his rapid ascent to fame and mainstream success, and it has been a joyride from there. In less than a year, the singer has released three EP, won the coveted Headies Next Rated award, featured on the Obamas‘ summer playlist, and looks poised for even more international exploits.

On this high-speed journey, Rema has made a quick stop to unveil the visuals for ‘Lady‘, a fast-paced standout off his third 2019 EP, “Bad Commando.”

Directed by Tadas, the video finds a veiled Rema strapped to a chair with arms behind. He is the captive of a dancing damsel who at a point opens his eyes to a world of romantic hedonism. Rema himself looks to be a willing captive as throughout the ordeal, he doesn’t for once show any sign of discomfort or even attempt to escape.

Check out the video above.

The Video For Sarz & WurlD’s ‘Ego (Nobody Wins)’ Tells An All Too Familiar Story

Sarz and WurlD have finally unveiled the long-awaited visuals for ‘Ego (Nobody Wins)‘, almost ten months since its initial release. This comes just a few hours before the release of their much-teased joint EP, “I Love Girls With Trobul” set to drop on Friday, November 8. The video directed by a team of Chukwuka Nwobi, WurlD, Baba Agba and Muktar tells a poignant tale of a clash of egos.

It opens with three ladies preparing for a party having the relationship talk and advising WurlD’s downhearted lover. The video soon finds WurlD and Sarz at a bar as the singer croons with a sore heart about him craving his sweetheart. She then goes on to have a good time at the party, dancing to her favourite tunes with friends while WurlD chills with his guys. Sarz plays the good friend who listens to all of WurlD’s howls and grumbles, even offering him a drink to deal with his pain at a point.

Amidst all this, the lovebirds terribly long for each other but are a repelled by an even stronger force: ego. At the end of the video, they realise they had been in the same place all along.

Watch the video above.

Prettyboy D-O Is As Energetic As Ever In Intense Video For ‘Dey Go Hear Wehh’

About four months after its initial release, Prettyboy D-O has finally unveiled the long-teased visuals for his first post-“Everything Pretty” single, ‘Dey Go Hear Wehh‘. This is also suspected to be the lead single for his imminent debut album titled “Pretty World.”

On the high energy dancehall-influenced record, Prettyboy D-O comes for non-believers and detractors, assuring us that they will soon be shocked beyond measure. D-O delievers frisky verses over the hard-hitting instrumental before coming through with the highly infectious hook cut from a popular Nigerian pidgin dictum.

The Seyi Akinlade-directed video opens with Prettyboy getting jumped by a mob. He is later seen in his hideout clutching his baby in his hands while his spouse dashes into the room upon hearing what happened. As he is being moped up and treated by his babe, his war-ready boys thirst for vengeance, as they prepare to launch for action. D-O then goes back to business as usual and is later found treating his goons to an energetic performance of his new song on the beach, probably to pump them up for the next line of action. The cinematic video then ends with one of the suspects awaiting D-O’s judgement.

Watch Video For Nonso Amadi’s ‘What Makes You Sure’

Nonso Amadi has released the visuals for ‘What Makes You Sure?‘, one of the highlights off his latest 6-track “Free” EP. This video is directed by Seyi Akinlade and filmed by Uaxstudio.


Watch Paybac and Boogey (The Lost & Found)’s Video For ‘Uwaka’

Earlier this year, a duo of Paybac and Boogey, known as the Lost & Found released their sophomore album “Alternate Ending” to rave reviews. Many have even dubbed it the best Nigerian rap album of 2019 and they won’t be wrong. And now, just over a day after their Lyricist On The Roll nominations in the 2019 Headies for their electric verses on ‘Implode‘, the duo has unveiled the much-teased visuals for ‘Uwaka‘ with Danladi, one of the fan favourites off the album.

Directed by XYZ, the playful video finds Boogey and Paybac having the best of times as they deliver their verses. The video opens with Paybac sporting a white agbada and a hooded scarf, rapping amidst friends in a dimly lit room. The 4-minute video is interluded with a short skit from Pastor Paybac dishing his two cents on what being a yahoo boy entails. Boogey, on the other hand, delievers most of his bars from a lectern with a white backdrop.

Although Danlandi was a no-show, the hook finds the rappers and their friends vibing and flashing fives in several styles. Enjoy the video below and tell us what you think.

Burna Boy’s Independence Day Present Comes A Day Early As He Releases Visuals For ‘Another Story’

In the wake of our Independence day celebration tomorrow, the self-acclaimed African Giant, Burna Boy, has decided to remind us of our realities as Nigerians as he releases a fitting visual for ‘Another Story‘, one of the stand-out cuts off his culturally and commercially successful album, “African Giant.” Teaming up with one of Ghana’s finest rapper, M.anifest, the pair provides insightful social commentary on this reflective record as they take turns to lament about the ills of their respective societies.

The Clarence Peters-directed satiric video finds a cross-section of Nigerians in a classroom, blinded by several vices that have haunted us since independence and led us to the trenches we find ourselves today. It also touches on the unrests that have become strife in Nigeria and our neighbours, Ghana, as the guest, M.anifest delievers his pensive verse in a make-shift traffic jam. The video also opens and closes with brief history lessons on the emergence of the geopolitical entity called Nigeria, specifically reminding us that, “if you don’t know where you’re coming from, you won’t know where you are going.”

As we celebrate Nigeria’s 59th independence day tomorrow, the well-timed video should be sufficient to remind us that October 1st should really be a day of deep reflection of how we got here as a nation.

Watch The Video For Myoa’s ‘Star Power’

Myoa has released the video for ‘Star Power‘, one of the stand-out records off her just-released debut album “Beautiful Journey.” The multi-talented singer based in Houston self-produced and co-directed the video alongside Will DaRosa.

The video for the enchanting single finds Myoa passionately performing the record with a percussionist, Kevin Katich, on a rooftop with beautiful scenery.

Check out the video above and tell us what you think.

Preye Itams Walks Away From Her Toxic Relationship in Video For ‘Love Fumes’

As promised, Preye Itams has released the atideStudios-filmed visuals for her latest single ‘Love Fumes‘, starring Deime Inn and herself. The video is directed and produced by Joshua Ahazie and it appears to be the second part of the video for ‘Cookies‘ released on Friday.

Over the record, she details her romance with her lover which seems to have turned sour as she suspects him of cheating. Trying to fend off the intoxicating love fumes, she reminds the erring lover that if caught, she might not be forgiving as Beyonce was.

Picking off where ‘Cookies‘ left off, this new video tagged ‘Liberation‘ opens with the couple having a heated argument presumably over the guy’s infidelity. And as the song goes, a defiant Preye walks away from the relationship and moved away from their home as she tries to get away from his toxic love fumes. The guy comes back to find an empty home and frantically tries to find her and win her back over. Preye, on the other hand, appears to be having the time of her life, enjoying every bit of her fresh liberty.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think.

Preyé Finally Unveils Visuals For ‘Cookies’

Just a day before unveiling the visuals to her latest single, ‘Love Fumes‘, Preyé has finally released the long-awaited video for her Benny Que-produced poignant record, ‘Cookies‘, almost a year after its initial release. This beautiful video is produced and directed by Joshua Ahazie while edited by a duo of Uche Ezeoke & Onome Egba.

Spanning less than two minutes, the video follows a couple who seem to be going through a rough patch. The video ends right where it begins: Preye in her car in front of their home, presumably leaving and moving on as she sings “Don’t look at me like I owe you something.”

Enjoy the video above and let us know what you think.

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