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Last week, Eri Ife and Remy Baggins were on the PGM radio show to discuss the release of their new collaborative EP, titled YLLW.

YLLW is a contemporary Afro-pop project, involving the fusion of several genres of both Africa and Diaspora. The EP features Ghanaian musician BRYANTHEMENSAH, with additional vocals and co-production from Sir Bastien. All songs on the project were written by both Eri Ife and Remy Baggins with “Bastien’s Interlude” the only exception. The entire project was engineered by Remy Baggins.

YLLW is Remy Baggins’ and Eri Ife’s first collaborative work, with both artists combining their different styles to create one unique sound. Remy Baggins (based in Lagos, Nigeria) and Eri Ife (Based in Ibadan, Nigeria) are hoping to reach a worldwide audience with this sound.

Download /Stream The YLLW EP here: 

Connect With Remy Baggins and Eri Ife on all social platforms: @RemyBaggins & @EriifeMusic

“Face Off ” Album write up

Hip Hop doused with conscious poetry, intellect, humor, love and rebellion’ these are the words David Iye aka Boogey uses to describe his style of music.
After working on this project for months, he teams up with another prolific rapper Paybac who has graced several stages, including the Hennessy VS Class on the Beat 99.9 and The Hennessy Cypher 2015 to present “Face Off” a collaboration album. It is the first album of its kind around these parts.
The idea behind the collaboration and the title of the project came from a “90s movie” perspective. Both MCs weave in and out of scenes ranging from action to fantasy and drama, to create one big picture. The album boasts of stellar production from Charlie X, Sizzle PRO and Black Intelligence.
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