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‘HAPPY HOUR’ would usually mean plenty drinks at a discounted rate. However, this time around its the sound of a new artist/producer with a promising sound that has come to our attention. His Name is Odunsi “The Engine” and he is an Afro-Fusion artiste and producer from Lagos Nigeria.

Listen to the new single ‘HAPPY HOUR’ by Odunsi featuring Okuntakinte from Ghana.


Modenine drops new single

Veteran rapper Modenine is back and this time he has enlisted soul singer ‘Maka‘ who recently released her debut EP –The Truth– for his newly released single “No Matter What“.

Laced with nothing short of good production, good & somewhat honest flows coupled with a flawless chorus; No Matter What is far from an average hip-hop joint.

Modenine Featuring Maka is Produced by Black Intelligence and is the second single off the INSULIN album soulful and insightful.

here are the lyrics ……………….
Verse 1 (Modenine)
Legendary mode , that’s what I’m blessed to be
But they trying ta force me out like a refugee ( I’m falling )
Aint nobody rescue me
And I DonT give a rats booty bout a brand begging me to judge or rap for free I’m all about my P ( gimmie the money )
I know you really want the death of me
I’m Tupac middle finger out the SUV
Sooner or later you’ll be kissing on my effigy
I’m magical with words the more you look the less you see
You no be G.O.D so who the F you be
The industry got me pressed to Pee
Its getting difficult to hold it when they bugging giving less to me
It makes no sense to me
The shows are next to free
And now you devil worshipers are trying to pester me
I believe in God you can control my destiny
So quit trying to stifle my release like a vasectomy

Chorus ( Maka )

It feels like I’m 6 feet under water
And that’s just when I gotta let go
Cos I know that no matter what
No matter what 2X
I’ll still stay afloat

Verse 2,( Modenine )

It was all good just a week ago
Now its all sour time for me to ether foes
Stomping ground flow
I’m about to lift a soul
Battle to the last breath ,never beef us bro
Or pay the reapers tow for hating on the Vam – pire
Forever young , the black peter pan
Wish me well otherwise you better delete your plans
Man ah man ah not real
Man ah man ah hologram
Who you dey follow yarn trip and get ganged up
Sulking cos I didn’t follow back … Man up
You’re the type to clam up when you get ran up
Pushing for a fair fight
Gimmie them Air Nikes
IG F-boys will kill for a mere like
I’m dancing rings around them , they thinking my boots are Ali’s
I rap hard tripping new groups of barbies
My CD they do buy ( dey Dubai ) from here to Abu Dhabi

Chorus 2X

And i will stay a float
No I won’t drown
No matter what 2X

Burna Boy and Leriq reunite in the studio

Nigerian Virtuoso, Burna boy has released another smash single, the first since the release of his sophomore album ON A SPACESHIP last year. The new song titled PREE ME was premiered exclusively on Apple Music’s Beat 1 on Thursday the 7th of July, making Burna Boy the first Nigerian artiste to premiere a new single on Apple Music Beat 1.

The Leriq produced song further showcases Burna Boy’s versatility and musical prowess. On this pleasantly smooth rendition, Burna Boy talks about his struggles to remain afloat despite betrayals from friends and warns his fans to be careful how they choose their friends. He also talks about resilience and giving no room for regrets.

PREE ME is the first single off Burna Boy’s soon to be released EP titled REDEMPTION and has so far been receiving rave reviews in the UK after being premiered on Apple Beats 1.

We at are excited to see Burna Boy and Leriq working together again.

Listen and share your thoughts.

Exclusive: Saeon, Poe, Mojeed, Tesh Carter, Tec, Spax

At 4pm on Sunday 10th July, The Beat 99.9 exclusively premiered the most promising collaboration of the year 2016 on #FreshBeatz. The new song titled “I Want U” had Saeon (That boychick), Poe, Tec (SDC), Tesh Carter, Mojeed (Aristocrats Record) all dropping bars as well as the females serenading us with their fine vocals.

We at have certified the song as “Dope”.

Press play and listen if you missed it.

Congratulations DJ OBI

After 229 hours and 58 minutes of straight DJing, DJ Obi has set a new World Record of the Longest DJ Set.
The current record of 200 hours was set by Norbert Selmaj aka Norberto Loco (Poland) in The Underground temple bar in Dublin, Ireland from 19 to 27 November 2014.

You would recall that DJ Obi set out on Wednesday, June 22nd, at 11.30pm, to smash the current 200-hour record with a 240-hour, ten-day set, which was to end at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 2nd, 2016. However, due to medical advisement, DJ Obi has had to suspend his ten-day attempt at 1:28pm on Saturday, July 2nd.

With 229 hours and 58 minutes, DJ Obi has DJed longer than the current world record holder. His team is currently awaiting verification from Guinness World Records before they can make an official announcement.

We at have independantly been at the Sao Cafe everynight to observe and support his inspiring determination to succeed against all odds and for that we salute him!

DJ Obi - 2

According to DJ Obi’s team, Tonight’s world record attempt party will continue as planned from 9pm. Celebrity friends and people who have supported DJ Obi throughout the past ten days will be in attendance as, Nigerian rapper, M.I. performs hosting duties.

While Obi rests, his team continues sustained work with the Guinness World Record’s office in order to ensure they have everything they need to verify DJ Obi as the official new holder of the title, Guinness World Record Breaker for Longest Marathon Club DJing!

DJ Obi has been overjoyed by the love, support, encouragement and prayers he has received in the past ten days. Supporters have showed up by the thousands, and messages have poured in from every corner of the world. It has been a 24hour party in Sao Café Lagos since last Wednesday! If there is one word we are sure he would want you to leave you with it is, “grateful”. The fact that Obi made it to this point is proof that anything is possible when one puts their mind to it. He has you to thank for inspiring him to push this far. Nearly 230 hours later and a goal has been achieved!

Keep up with the world record-breaking attempt on social media:

Instagram: @DJObiAjEnt
Snapchat: @DJObiAjEnt
Twitter: @DJObiAjEnt

Fore more information, please contact:

For media inquiries please contact:

Sponsors Include: TAG Heuer, Diamond TV, Nike, Simply Green Juices, Sao Café and MedPlus


Today the fast rising Nigerian R’n’B sensation Kollydee, (born KOLADE ALADE) aka The Love Doctor graduates and takes the oath as a MEDICAL DOCTOR in faraway Lviv, Ukraine.

Kollydee - Pic 1

Kollydee whose smash sophomore single ONE MORE TRY is currently receiving airplay on RADIO and TV across Nigeria and around AFRICA passed his KROK2 practicals two weeks ago but will officially pass out alongside 150 of his colleagues and classmates from DANYLO HALYTSKY LVIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY UKRAINE in a formal graduation ceremony today.

See below Kollydee’s certificate.


We at say congratulations to KOLLYDEE and wish him all the best in his future endeavors as he keeps making music and saving lives too.

Listen to Kollydee’s latest single ‘One More Try’.

There’s A New Mix In Town!

Deep Hausa is a West-African dance music producer/DJ collective.  They launched last week at the LMC 2016 (Lagos Music Conference – Festival) with a remix of Olamide’s ‘Who You Epp’ mixed with Sam Feldt’s ‘Show Me Love‘ – produced by Deep Hausa’s own Wavos.

Follow Deep Hausa’s Instagram page @DeepHausa to stay updated on upcoming releases.  In the meantime, enjoy the song of the summer in this ‘Who You Epp remix’ and please don’t forget to tell us what you think.

The Perfect Good Morning Message From Nego True

Ladies, here’s a perfect ‘Good Morning’ message from the ‘Date Night EP’, Nego True & Nia Ekanem.

Please listen and share by pushing good music and while you are at it, don’t forget to scroll down and watch Nego True’s just released ‘Hunger’ video

New Video from Nego True: Hunger

Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

Illbliss Drops new single ‘Ayakata’ feat Falz The Bahd Guy

Ill Bliss Oga Boss has dropped the first single of his anticipated summer EP ‘The kid from New Haven‘.  The single, ‘Ayakata’ (which roughly translates in pidgin English to ‘E don scatter’) features, in demand, rapper, Falz the Bahd Guy and kicks off with an acknowledgment from Falz of the power shift in the Nigerian Music Industry to the new school.  Illy Gatti (Oga Boss) as a boss, acknowledges that change and also throws in some ‘shade’ of family disloyalty.

Who is he referring to? Well, I guess you have to listen to the track and make up your own mind.

Listen and let us know how many thumbs up (doug thumb) it deserves.


US Radio Station Organizes Mass Tribute To The Late Prince

A tribute is being organized by The Current in Minnesota, Prince’s home state.

Inspired by the lyrics from Nothing Compares 2U, a US radio station is calling for the track to be played nationwide, exactly seven hours and 13 days after Prince’s death. “We hope that wherever Prince fans are, and whatever radio station they are listening to, they will take a minute to listen and remember his musical genius and artistry.”

The song will be broadcast today at 5:07pm central time (11:07pm BST). The Organisers will also be collecting tributes made on social media tagged with #NothingCompares2U.

Prince died at his home in his home in Minnesota, near Minneapolis, at the age of 57 on April 21st.

Investigators are still determining how the singer, songwriter and producer died.



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