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Burna Boy Joins Master KG & Nomcebo On ‘Jerusalema’ Remix

One of the hottest South African records that have penetrated the Nigerian market this year is Master KG’s ‘Jerusalema’ featuring Nomcebo. And this wouldn’t be the first time Master KG’s having a crossover success in these parts. In 2019, his ‘Skeleton Move’, popularly called Bode Thomas was a key party starter in Lagos parties, clubs and dancefloors.

Now, riding on the success of his latest, Maker KG has recruited one of Nigeria’s brightest stars, for the remix of ‘Jerusalema’. And to be very honest, it’s turning out to be a remix we never knew we wanted. Yesterday Burna jumped on top of the trending list when a soundbite from the remix surfaced online. And not like we were ever in doubt, but his stunning verse reminded us of his amazing talent that isn’t bound by genres.

Burna takes this remix to another level, breathing a new life into the dance track while touching on his brief fall from grace following his provoking series of tweets on social media. Listen to the remix above and tell us what you think.

Prettyboy D-O Has Olamide, WANI And Tim Lyre Colliding With Him On “Wildfire”

After weeks of teasing a project which he predicts to be his magma opus, Prettyboy D-O’s “Wildfire” is finally here. This is D-O’s first body of work since his well-received 2018 mixtape, “Everything Pretty”. According to him, this new project embodies his energy to the music space going forward, one he describes as a prayer and dedication to his unflinching fans.

“Wildfire” contains eight tracks, led by high-energy singles ‘Dey Go Hear Wehh’ , ‘Same Energy’ and ‘Odeshi’. The entire project only features three acts, YBNL general, Olamide, serial-feature killer WANI, and Tim Lyre who doubles as a producer and recording artist.

‘Odeshi’ is a bouncy trap tune that plays as a warning to detractors and adversaries. On ‘Dey Go Hear Wehh’, Prettyboy D-O comes for non-believers and detractors, assuring us that they will soon be shocked beyond measure. D-O delievers frisky verses over the hard-hitting instrumental before coming through with the highly infectious hook cut from a popular Nigerian pidgin dictum.  With percussions chopped to a dance-centric street anthem, ‘Same Energy’ is a groovy and celebratory tune calling out detractors out to ensure they keep the same energy when he comes around.

For its production, D-O works with talents like Higo, DaRe, Adey, PrinceBoom, AYLO, Telz and Hvrry.

Listen to “Wildfire” above.

Cruel Santino Reunites With Octavian On ‘End Of The Wicked’

In May 2019, Santi released his highly anticipated debut album “Mandy & The Jungle“. Many saw it as one of the best albums released last year, some weren’t exactly sold, while a few others could just understand or connect to it. But one thing is certain; that album will go down as a cult-classic especially in the alte space and among young audiences. But ever since its release, Santi has been near-silent, save for his appearances on team-ups with Goldlink, Tochi Bedford, Octavian and a couple others. But today comes great news for fans who have been holding their breaths for new music from the alte frontman.

First, he officially announces his change of name – yet again – to Cruel Santino due to copyright issues. Also, Santi is back with new music, joining forces with UK rapper Octavian just a few months after their team-up on ‘Poison’ with Obongjayar.

Enjoy the new single above.

Chike Adds A Dance Touch To His Debut Album With “Dance Of The Booless, Vol. 1” EP

Earlier this year, Chike stole our hearts with his debut album, “Boo of the Booless“. Released right in the thick of the global celebration of love on February 14, Chike’s timely record helped to soundtrack this intimate event for many lovers. And as the title implies, it also severed as a companion to the single ones too as they found their stories and feelings articulated in some of the records. The album has since recorded such commercial, critical and cultural success that it thrust Chike right into mainstream consciousness. There are also whispers in many corners that already proclaim it the album of the year – so far at least.

Now, Chike is reworking those love ballads into danceable tunes with an offshoot project titled “Dance Of The Booless“. The 3-volume EP is described as a “dance reimagination of Chike’s critically acclaimed album “Boo of the Booless” through the minds of top producers…” For this volume, Chike teams up with Samy Fire, Sensei Lo, Lord Sky, Dyslex and Sigag Lauren who has been raising dust with his thrilling EDM remixes.

Enjoy the EP above.

Tiwa Savage Shines On Kranium’s ‘Gal Policy’ Remix

Over the weekend, Jamaican dancehall star Kranium tapped Tiwa Savage for the remix of his single ‘Gal Policy‘ released earlier in the year. This plays as the second time he’s teaming up with a Nigerian act, joining forces with Burna Boy for his 2019 single ‘Hotel‘.

On his opening verse on the mid-tempo dancehall tune, the self-acclaimed melody gad points fingers at boys who don’t know how to keep their game together, carelessly cheating on their spouses. But in the chorus, he presents himself as the model to follow, the super-sharp player who has mastered the art of keeping his side chics in check, such that they don’t bring his dirty linen close to his home. “Nuh gyal mi fuck cyan start nuh drama…Every mistress know dem policy/ After nine o’clock, she cyan call mi” he gloats.

With her balmy voice, Tiwa Savage takes it right home with her makeshift patios in the second verse. She comes through as the riled lover who has had to put up with her man’s incessant unchastity. But she has also given him a free hand as long she has him all to herself when she wants him. “Baby boy, you know the policy, after nine, you better be home with me,” she reminds him of her ‘policy’.

The candied record peaks in its final seconds when they run through the chorus one last time together. Enjoy the single above.

Nasty C Is Enjoying His Life Of Excess On ‘Eazy’

Still on the road to his much-teased third studio album “Zulu Man With Some Power“, Nasty C has released his third single of the coming LP, titled ‘Eazy‘. This new single comes right after he and American rapper T.I lent their voices to the growing uprising against violence and injustice across the world with ‘They Don’t’.

Nasty C is blessed and he knows it. Over this new mid-tempo trap tune with its signature rolling hi-hats and thumping bass coated with tingling bells, Nasty C reminds us of the allures of his life as a superstar. With his amiable vocals and polished flows, he paints a vivid picture of what it means to be Nasty C. What it means to be one of Africa’s proudest sons, headlining the penetration of African hip-hop to the global music space.

Celebrity life can be so demanding. Many naively dash into the spotlight only to wince at its blinding brightness, realising that the responsibility and security that comes with their long-sought fame isn’t what they really prepared for. But not Nasty C.

On ‘Eazy‘, the Def Jam Africa frontman embraces it like a long lost lover. When he raps “it’s a lot of bad things here, I’m right where I should be / every blessing that I prayed for fell right down onto me,” you recall that he’s living the life most people only ever dream of. He’s living a life of luxury and excess, and he’s enjoying every bit of it.

Enjoy this record above.

Vector Offers Some Insightful Social Commentary On “The African Mind” EP

Vector seems unstoppable right now. Just weeks after his collaborative “Crossroads” EP with ace producer, Masterkraft, Vector has released another EP titled “The African Mind.” This, therefore, serves as Vector’s third project in just seven months, with “Vibes Before T.E.S.L.I.M” coming in late last year.

This EP contains just four tracks across which the pensive rapper tries to poke through the African mind. He lays down his thoughts across key issues that have been bothering us as Africans these days on this tape. Alone with his thoughts, Vector present no gets across this EP.

Enjoy this EP and let us know what you think.

Mr Eazi Celebrates Love On His New EP “One Day You Will Understand”

We all knew there was a Mr Eazi project well on is way, we just didn’t know how soon. Almost without warning, the Empawa Africa boss briefly stepped off his office desk to give us “One Day You Will Understand“, his first body of work since he took us on a journey with his “Lagos to London” mixtape in November 2018.

This new love-themed EP contains just four songs, including the lead single ‘I No Go Give Up On You‘ which is already gaining traction on the airwaves and pulling impressive numbers on the DSPs. This project only features appearances from Ghanaian superstar King Promise and Nigerian Empawa newbie, C Natty, each on the opening and final track respectively.

The beatmakers in the boards for this EP includes Guiltybeatz, Blaq Jerzee and Legendury Beatz. Listen to “One Day You Will Understand” above.

D-Truce, BarelyAnyHook & Bigfoot Team Up On ‘Mango’

It’s always a beautiful thing when several individually brilliant artists join forces to create something even more beautiful. D-Truce, BarelyAnyHook and Bigfoot have joined forces for a very juicy record, suitably titled ‘Mango’. This record was originally scheduled for release on Friday, June 4, but was put off till today in solidarity with the stand against rape and violence.

Enjoy the single above.

Prettyboy D-O Warns Off Detractors On ‘Odeshi’ With Tim Lyre

Prettyboy D-O already seems set for the release of his new “Wildfire” EP scheduled for release later this month. Last year was filled with a string energetic releases that suggested to fans that a project was on the horizon. But 2020 in all its troubles has been quite interesting for D-O. The coloured-hair rapper has been on a spree of killer features, nourishing his brand, and teasing the soon-to-be-released tape. And just a few hours ago, Prettyboy D-O opens his year by giving us our first dive into the coming tape with a Tim Lyre-assisted single, ‘Odeshi’.

Produced by frequent collaborator DaRe, ‘Odeshi’ is a bouncy trap tune that plays as a warning to detractors and adversaries. D-O opens the record raping with a bullish delivery about him having one hell of a good time. But the energy switches up right in the hook as he forewarns, “you wanna come for the boy? Odeshi go back to sender”. Tim Lyre also matches up the vibe with his stirring verse well woven in English, pidgin and Yoruba. One other interesting thing about the record is how it plays as one endless loop when you have it on repeat.

Listen to the record above.

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