Veen Celebrates His Hometown In New Single ‘City Drills’

There are only a few things that rappers hold so dear as their hometown. They take every chance to show off the city they represent, feeling this innate responsibility of putting the city on the map. Everybody who listens to Jay-Z knows he reps New York, just as every M.I fan will tell you he hails from Jos, or JTown as he often calls it. And this is exactly what emerging rapper Veen does with his latest single ‘City Drills’.

This thrilling self-produced trap tune plays as an ode to his hometown, Port Harcourt, zeroing in on the undying energy the City’s kids are known to possess. “Our women are beautiful and the men don’t play around when it comes to getting things done. We are really all about the action and I wanted to put that in the music,” he says.

Born Kelvin Legborsi Johnson, Veen wears many hats. Asides being a recording artist he is also record producer, songwriter and audio engineer. In 2017, he started his journey with “Untitled”, a joint EP released with his brother. And ever since, he’s been honing his talents and trying to up his visibility in the music scene.

He followed this up in 2019 with a well-received EP, “Eternal Flex”. And his latest, “Star” which is also generating positive reviews saw him experimenting with the Afrobeats sound. But for now, it’s back to trap music with ‘City Drills’. Enjoy the single above.

Godwyn Joins Forces With Bem Abu & Alpha Dawn On ‘Haven’

Five years after he graced our ears with his debut single ‘Promise‘, masterful guitarist and soothing vocalist Godwyn is back. On the Di’ja assisted 2015 record, Godwyn introduced the world to his amazing talent and placed himself on the stars-to-watch-out-for radar. But over the past few years, not as much as a single was gotten from the artist, as he focused on supporting other acts with his instrument and also teaching others how to strum the guitar via his Rainbow Fingers school. Now, Godwyn is finally throwing his hat back in the ring with his new single ‘Haven‘ that features Bem Abu and Alpha Dawn from The Voice, 2016.

This Johnny Drille-produced single is an upbeat alternative rock single on which showcases Godwyn’s talents both as a guitarist and a sweet singer. Opening with an enchanting acoustic guitar loop, ‘Haven‘ plays as a celebration of love. It is a heartfelt description of a soul-stirring relationship many only get to see in movies, the type we all say “God when” to. Alongside its soulful songwriting, the ballad is also adorned with the soothing and melodic vocals from the trio.

Enjoy the record above.

Garey Godson Continues His Impressive Run With ‘Situationship’

Garey Godson is so relentless. The rapper is now releasing his second single after his well-received sophomore album “Still I Rise” which dropped earlier this year. This new single titled ‘Situationship’ also comes barely a week after he teamed up with Show Dem Camp to celebrate African beauty on ‘Koko’.

‘Situationship’ is a mellow R&B tune that details Garey’s romance with his love interest which exists without the trappings of a ‘regular’ relationship. With his laid-back airy chords and vocals, he paints a vivid picture of a romance that’s meant to be but is just complicated. But they are taking everything as it comes, not letting the hurdles deny them the pleasure they find in each other.

The German-based Nigerian act has been one of those championing the globe-trotting Afro-fusion wave far across our borders. And with his new singles revolving around our everyday lives and situations, Garey might as well just be telling our stories in the way he knows best.

Enjoy the single above.

Preyé Itams Stands Against Oppression and Injustice On ‘Man In The Wind’

So much has been happening lately. Even in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s an ongoing worldwide uprising against injustice and oppression. Inspired by the recent murder of George Floyd by American police officers, there have been a series of protests in the West where Black people are simply demanding to be seen as humans. And over here, the recently reported cases of sexual violence have motivated our nationwide stand against the assault, rape and murder of our women.

It is this worthy cause the gifted singer Preyé Itams lends her voice to with her new single ‘Man In The Wind‘. “As we’ve seen recently, everyone has a part to play in transforming these problems. As an artist, the purest way for me to express myself and to raise awareness is through music. This record, Man in The Wind is different from my usual sound but this is how I feel at the moment. FOR TINA. FOR GEORGE. FOR AHMAUD. FOR UWA. For all the victims, known and unknown.” she says.

Man In The Wind‘ is an instrumentally rich reggae tune that plays as a hymn against oppression and injustice. “Could there be love with all this hate have seen?” she asks.

“Arent you tired of the injustice?” The songs serve as a wake-up call to shrug off our negligence and lacklustre stand against injustice. No one can fight for us, but we ourselves.

She calls us to get off our screens and take to the streets to let our grievances be known by those in power. Those with the influence to make real changes. This horrific situation has grown beyond hashtags and solidarity tweets. We have to get our boots on the ground and march out. Preye reminds us that “if we were tired enough then we get off our phones and get on the streets.”

‘Man In The Wind’ might be short, but its message is simple and clear – join the uprising and cleanse our land. Join Preye in taking a stand above.

Zamby Reassures Himself In His Stirring ‘Die Young’ Rendition

About three years ago, Felix George had a brush with death. On June 10, 2017, the emerging singer, better known as Zamby, was involved in a ghastly motor accident that’s forever etched in his memory.  Turning his lemons into a syrupy lemon juice, the experience has since pumped him with a new drive and a fresh outlook to life. But after several let downs and false starts in trying to break out in the industry, Zamby felt so small. Inconsequential. Intimidated. This led to a recent deep and stimulating conversation with his mum which has since reignited that drive in him.  It is all this and more that he brings to bear on his cover of Roddy Rich’s highly successful single, ‘Die Young’.

Zamby’s ‘Die Young’ plays both as a victory lap as well as a manifesto of his impending success. Over the all too familiar instrumental, Zamby delievers his smooth assertive verses, declaring “I can never die young ’cause I got GOD”. He reassures himself that he’s destined for greatness and even though things might not be going as planned now, he has no choice that to press on till he gets what he craves.

Enjoying this

Garey Godson Celebrates African Beauty On ‘Koko’ With SDC

Barely two months after his Maya Angelou-inspired album, “Still I Rise”, Garey Godson has gifted yet another single without warning in celebration of his birthday. For this celebratory single, Garey Godson takes us straight home as he joins forces with two of Nigeria’s finest wordsmiths, ShowDemCamp to rework ‘Koko’, one of the highlights off his sophomore album.

This record inspired his mother is a toast to the Black woman and the adulation of her beauty. Produced by a capable duo of Niickii and Hkmk, Garey takes a full dive into afrobeats exploring the powerful and independent nature of the African woman. Ghost and Tec also bring their Palmwine sound and flow to bear on the track, spicing it up with enough Naija flavour.

Speaking about the single, Garey says, “I grew up listening to SDC it was a great opportunity witnessing their creative process and them gracing this record”.  This single comes highly recommended from us at the PGM Club. Enjoy above.

YBthewildyouth Dabbles In Dancehall With ‘On Me’

Edward Kobina Komfo also known as YBthewildyouth has been putting in the work. Right from a tender age, he grew a reputation in the Masha-axis of Surulere with his first single ‘Hit Em Up’ which had his strong vocals and overbearing confidence on full display. And ever since, he’s been experimenting with sounds and honing his production skills, while secluded from the city life. Now, the young singer is giving us a taste of the material he’s been working on in seclusion with this new self-produced single titled ‘On Me’.

‘On Me’ is a melodic dancehall record delivered in a near-whisper where YBthewildyouth croons about a lover’s need to share intimate times with their partners.

With “Thewildyouth” serving as a metaphor to his defiance to societal norms and his nonconformist nature as a creator and musician, he says “YBthewildyouth is not just a stage name. It represents my story, journey and purpose as an artist.”

Enjoy the single above.

Omah Lay’s Debut EP “Get Layd” Sets Him As A Star To Look Out For

One interesting thing about the Nigerian music space is that it’s an industry tightly packed with young talented acts with so much to prove. And one artist whose name has been on everyone’s lips this past week is the Port Harcourt singer, Omah Lay. Ever since he released his debut and introductory EP, “Get Layd”, the youngster seems to have gotten cosigns from most of the big players in the industry. Commercially, the EP is also doing very well. A quick scan of the Apple Music Nigeria chart finds Omah Lay securing four spots out of the top ten. He also comfortably sits m on the number one and two spots with ‘Bad Influence’ and ‘You’.

We got our first taste of his fluid melodies when he got introduced to us with ‘You’ on February 14. His overbearing confidence on the single made him sound like one whose raw talents have been silently forged into shining diamonds. Omah Lay came ready.

One of the gains of this brilliantly executed EP is that in less than a week of its release, Omah Lay has got the ears of the people. He has swiftly positioned himself to be one of the country’s most promising singers on the rise. Alongside the charts, he has also vaulted himself to mainstream consciousness. And with a run of subsequent quality releases, Omah Lay is not far from being a household name.

Rookie of the year? Next Rated? Who knows?

But one thing is certain: he’d be one of the success stories Afrobeats has to tell at the end of the year. With “Get Layd”, Omah Lay has pulled off what many only wish for; having the people’s undivided attention right from your debut. Enjoy the EP above.

Listen To Shalom Dubas’ New “Mint, Green” EP

When Shalom Dubas came to our radar with her joint “Oakwood Ave” EP with Toyin Ores, little did we know that she had three years worth of materials out already. But ever since, we have been keeping tabs on the well-rounded creative, following her every step of the way.

Now after weeks of teasers and anticipation, Shalom has finally released her new EP, “Mint, Green.” She had released the EP for a day in celebration of 4.20 on April 4, making timely fans have a glimpse of the new material just before its official release. But now, the project is well available for us to listen, relisten, sink into, digest and share.

The EP contains 6-tracks with Nate Joel as the lone feature, although she gets assists from other acts in more subtle ways. She also works with a range of producers including JEZTLS, JAYDOT, Clem Beatz, JANAS, Toyin Ores as well as herself.

Listen to this EP above.

Zilla Oaks Recruits Marv OTM, Prettyboy D-O & Mojo For ‘No Conversate’

A few months back, Zilla Oaks joined forces with Dremo and Prettyboy D-O to open the year with the hard-hitting ‘Ogini’. The member of the Abuja-based super collective has been dishing some of the hardest trap records around, and he seeks to continue that with his latest posse cut, ‘No Conversate’.

For this onslaught, Zilla fields a capable team of Marv OTM, Prettyboy D-O and self-acclaimed rap Jesu, Mojo to ravage the Tochi Bedford beat, laced with ailing keys. These soldiers aren’t down for any long talks, and you can just tell from the breathless and insatiable energy they all bring to bear on the track. The energy is so infectious, it injects you that bulletproof confidence you need to go about your grind with the grace of a go-getter.

Enjoy the single here.



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