Listen To Asikey George’s First Project In Four Years, “Yellow”

Three years after besting Amanda Black, Ogecha, Busiwa and other amazing acts across Africa to win the Best Female Artist in Inspirational Music at the celebrated music awards show, AFRIMA, Asikey George is back with new music. Between these two monumental periods, she dished out three singles, ‘Dark’,’Love With You’ and ‘We (Don’t Let Me Go)’, the last two coming in just last year. This releases, no doubt, helped to keep fans on their toes, anticipating the release of her first project since the critically acclaimed 2016 EP, “Human.”

This wait came to an end over the weekend, as the singer whose artistry is built off a blend of soul, pop and alternative rock released her new EP titled “Yellow.” This new project contains six never-heard-before tracks with the title track also serving as the closer of the EP.

Interestingly, the project guests a lone feature from Brymo, who recently released an album of the same title.

Enjoy this new EP from Asikey and let us know what you think.

Gigi Atlantis & BOJ Remain Undaunted In ‘Deathproof’

Gigi Atlantis rounded up 2019 with an empowering anthem for the ladies. Featuring a stunning assist from Fasina, ‘Wahala On The Rocks’ charged women to be unapologetic and confident in their dealings. And just over four months into 2020, Gigi Atlantis is leading a call of resilience.

A very timely record, Gigi’s latest release ‘Deathproof’ speaks to all of us. For many, this year hasn’t been what it promised. The world itself has been held hostage by the COVID-19 virus, crippling social and economic activities in many countries. No one prepared for this. Dreams are starting to fade, plans are getting suspended.

2020 was supposed to be that year. Where did we go wrong?

But we have no other choice than to dust ourselves and keep moving. That’s what Gigi Atlantis and BOJ advocate on this Ikon-produced number. Sure, the song might even have been recorded long before now, but it speaks right into what we are going through at the moment.

Gigi is death-proof and she wants you to be too. “Nobody said that it would be smooth sailing/ Through the trials tribulations prevailing,” she reminds us. Regardless of what life throws at her, she is ready to bounce back. “Deathproof, Ain’t finna die so we ride” she sings.

For BOJ, giving up isn’t an option. Backing down isn’t on the table. “Some people talk bout giving up, Me I tell them straight, I can’t relate” he whispers.

BOJ is always known to be a team player. He is part of a powerful collective, DRB who just released their debut album, “Pioneers”. He also joined forces with his longtime friend and collaborator, Ajebutter 22 to release “Make E No Cause Fight”, the sequel of which starred Falz. But he also understands that life is a personal race. You’ve only got yourself. A lone soldier, he reminds us in his verse that “even if I fall I will get back up/ I do it on my own I don’t need backup”.

Enjoy ‘Deathproof’ and get reenergized above.

Listen To 3rty, TylerRiddim & D-Truce’s Tale Of Love & Heartbreak on ‘Omoge’

Just over a year after they joined forces on ‘Roll Up/ The Hotbox Skit’ off D-Truce’s debut album “2 Bird, 1 Stone,” 3try, TylerRiddim and D-Truce have reunited on a new release titled ‘Omoge’.

Produced by the capable duo Jayblake and DJ Xtreme, ‘Omoge’ is a familiar tale of love and heartbreak. Over the soft and mellow Afropop instrumentation, the trio bond over experiences of being at the mercy or being played by their respective love interests. And with their throbbing hearts, they turn to what offers them solace; their music. “Baby don’t put me for trouble, don’t burst my bubble omoge,” 3rty pleads. TylerRiddim reiterates, singing “ma lo koba mi” in Yoruba.

A calm and collected D-Truce delievers a well laid out verse groaning over the excesses of his lover who appears to be losing interest in him, steady finding faults in his actions.

This is an all too familiar tale that many of us can relate to. It takes us back to those moments when we feel our lover slowly slipping away from our grasp. Enjoy the record above and let us know what you think.

Majesty Lyn Takes Us On A Brief Tour Of Her Artistry With “Four Twenty”

For many, “Alternate Ending” was the portal through which we discovered Majesty Lyn. On ‘Memories’ off the 2019 Boogey and Paybac joint tape, she came through with a scene-stealing feature, hopping seamlessly on the bouncy beat with a bullish and airtight delivery. Some others got a glimpse of her amazing talent on the “Sound From The Basement Gig Vol.1” album released later in the year. Standing alone on the seventh track, ‘Nobody’, her enchanting voice was on full display, crooning about the sneaky movements of an erring lover.

But that thrilling excitement that comes with the discovery of a new act began to fade off when much wasn’t heard from her after that. Not until yesterday.

In celebration of 420, Lyn released her debut and introductory four-track EP, “Four Twenty.” All produced by Horsh, the tape showcases the different shades of her artistry, not just her prowess as a rapper. In fact, she leans more to her singing side, making her rap persona play second fiddle, only coming to bear on the braggadocio cut, ‘You Bitches Can Cope’.

The highlight of this EP, however, is ‘Say So’, a smooth and melodious Afropop record blessed with an infectious sing-along hook. Musing over her love interest, Lyn sounds inspired and full of life, ready to penetrate the market with this hybrid jam, fitting for sultry playlists and the dancefloors.

Across the tape, Lyn radiates such confidence and enthusiasm of an artist so certain of her gifts and is just waiting on the world to catch on to it. “Four Twenty The EP” therefore comes highly recommended fromThe PGM Club. Give it a spin and let us know what you think.

Dave Sage’s ‘Your Love’ Finds Him Wallowing In His Feelings

Five years after his debut and introductory release ‘High’, Canadian-based Nigerian singer, Dave Sage has dropped a new single to open the decade with a smooth love ballad titled ‘Your Love’. Across his six-year career, the singer has released two impressive EPs and has shared stages with Wayne Wonder, Gyptian, Akon and our very own Teni the Entertainer.

‘Your Love’ is a retro reggae tune that takes one on a quick journey back to the heydays of the genre in these parts. It is an open declaration of love delivered in simple and direct writing that drives the emotional cut straight home. Despite forewarning from friends and family, Dave Sage is so intoxicated by his lover. And like a drunk that has bottles of liquor in sight, all he wants is more.

He is a slave to his emotions and he finds himself an ever willing prisoner. Right now, all he demands from his sweetheart right now is for her to hold on tight to him as he’d do to her.

Enjoy the record above and tell us what you think.

Eri Ife Releases New 6-Track EP “Esquire”

Exactly a week after giving us a sneak peek into his dual world in his latest single, ‘Esquire’, Eri Ife has gone on to release the full project of the same title today, April 3. This EP contains just six tracks and features appearances from Efe Oraka, MAKA and SirBastien.

In the titled track which also opens the project, Eri Ife paints a vivid picture of how he juggles his day job and his music career with seamless ease. Laid down with insightful storytelling, ‘Esquire’ is Eri Ife’s true tale of balancing his profession as a lawyer as well as his love for making and performing music while still give both is best efforts.

This song is highly relatable among twenty-somethings who try to navigate their 9-to-5 and their passion or balance their work and social life. ‘Esquire’ can well serve as an inspiration to these youths that although it might not be as easy, with the right dedication it is possible to juggle your profession and passion and still excel at both.

Enjoy the EP above.

Muyiwa Akhigbe And BankyOnDBeatz Release Joint EP, “Hard Guy”

Muyiwa Akhigbe and BankyOnDBeatz have taken their singer-producer bond to another level as they release a joint body of work titled “Hard Guy.” This EP is the product of a journey that began about a year ago, which we first had a taste of with ‘Bamilo’ – a soothing love number in which Muyiwa appeals to his love interest join him in slipping away.

This is a journey that led them to new sonic frontiers, one that led them to the creation of their own sound which they call AfroFuturist. And ever since, they have gone on to dish this genre-bending sound to us in different shades across their subsequent releases, ‘Outta My System’, ‘Better’ and ‘Hold You Down’ featuring Boom General.

But this new EP, “Hard Guy” is just another voyage that sees us being softly transported from a place of emotional toxicity to purity. Across the six tracks on the EP, Muyiwa and BankyOnDBeatz tell a story that slowly morphs from heartbreak to rediscovery. The entire project guests no one but a spoken word artist, Oreoluwa Macaulay. It would also come as a surprise to many that the EP features no pre-released single save for ‘Bamilo’.

Hard Guy Cover 2

Tracklist for “Hard Guy” (photography by Dennis Onunwa)

This project comes about a year after Muyiwa teamed up with Rhye Ali to released a thematic collaborative project titled “Conversations.”

Enjoy the project above and let us know what you think.

Garey Godson Taps Daramola On ‘Low Key’ Remix

Just before the release of his next project “Still I Rise” scheduled for release next Saturday, March 28, Garey Godson is giving us a final taste of the coming material. Just moments ago, Garey released the remix of ‘Low Key’ for months after its initial release. And this new rendition features American-based Nigerian multi-gifted singer, Daramola.

Also coming as his first drop of 2020, ‘Lowkey’ remix will no doubt increase your appetite for the coming album.

Like the original, the song finds Garey inviting his love interest to come to spend time with him over the weekend. He entices her by reminding her of some of their cherished moments while also making promises of her having the time of her life if she comes over. It’s a private affair with no intruders allowed as Garey sings “will you come over for the weekend, we ain’t gotta tell nobody I can keep it on a low, I can keep it on a low key.”

Daramola’s presence also adds a new spice to the jam as he comes through with a feature-killing verse. With his smooth voice, he is really willing to shower his love on his sweetheart. All he needs is for her to give him his permission.

As a soothing potpourri of Reggaeton, Trap and Afro-pop elements, ‘Lowkey’ remix is a soothing groovy love tune that adds more juice to it’s original. Enjoy the record and let us know what you think.

BarelyAnyHook Releases New 5-Track EP, “Nna, Jide”

Remember in 2017 when BarelyAnyHook dropped a sizzling freestyle for Nigerian-American rapper Jidenna when the latter was promoting “The Chief” in Lagos? The burgeoning rapper has since swiftly positioned himself as one of the most creative and eccentric wordsmiths in the country. Although he hasn’t attained mainstream popularity just yet, BarelyAnyHook is fast developing a cult following via his near-ceaseless releases.

Anyone that has been following the rapper’s journey for a minute must have noticed his affinity for Jidenna’s music. Asides the viral freestyle video, he has also gone one to cover standout selections off Jidenna’s sturdy discography. Now, BarleyAnyHook has compiled these covers into an EP he calls “NNA, JIDE.” This project, dedicated to the Grammy-nominated rapper contains just five tracks with a total runtime of 16 minutes.

This is BarleyAnyHook’s first body of work since his 2019 collaborative “Barely Big Enough” EP with respected producer and DJ, Bigfootinyourface.

Listen to the project above and let us know what you think.

WundaB Joins Forces With MOJO & AYLØ On ‘Claro’

Just over a year after their team-up on ‘Sweet’ in 2018, burgeoning act WundaB has reunited MOJO and AYLØ on his new comeback single. This new record ‘Claro’ would be WundaB’s first official single since he guested K.I.N.G and Doro on his 2017 single ‘Ting’.

Released over the weekend, ‘Claro’ is one of the most chilled and relaxing songs you can listen to today. Over a very laidback synth-laced dancehall production by WundaB, AYLØ offers a tingling hook. Crooning in diluted patios, he uses the claro as a metaphor of how he wants his woman. MOJO, on the other hand, delievers his verse in the way he knows best: code-mixing Yoruba, English and pidgin. Across his sweet 16, he drops goofy pick-up lines, trying to win over his love interest with his braggadocio.

Enjoy the record above and let us know what you think.

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