The Cavemen Takes Us Back Home With Debut Album “Roots”

After coming to the consciousness of many through their contributions to Lady Donli’s well-received debut album “Enjoy Your Life”, and their much-celebrated single ‘Osondu’, one of the best bands around, The Cavemen, have finally released their debut album after weeks of anticipation. This new album is titled “Roots” and it contains 16 tracks, making it just less than an hour long. It also contains no features.

This is an album that going by pre-released singles, you can already guess that it is skewed to celebrate Igbo highlife which seems to be relegated to the background these days with everyone one hopping on more trending sounds. And even though they are taking the road less travelled, the duo is very confident that the album and their sound will be received with open arms by the Nigerian listening public.

“I feel our sound is what the average Nigerian would want to hear and that’s not exactly dominant anymore in the Nigerian mainstream. Our music also transcends generations and demographics,” they expressed in a recent chat with Pulse NG.

Enjoy the album above.

Kaline & Ladipoe Soundtrack Lockdown Romance With ‘Quaranting’

After months of being holed-up at home as a result of the Coronavirus-induced lockdown, things are starting to ease up. And although we are still officially on lockdown, things are starting to get back to normal. But flashing back to the thick the lockdown, many would have given anything to have spent that time with their partners. And for the few that were lucky to have this, Kaline’s latest single ‘Quarating’ serves as a soundtrack for such intimate and lovely time and opportunity.

‘Quaranting’ serves as the gifted singer’s first drop since ‘This Time’ which was released just a couple of months ago, as well as her series of covers on social media. The new Ladipoe-assisted single finds Kaline detailing her romance with her sweetheart in the lockdown period. Singing about it, she makes it sound like the best thing ever as her vocal and lyrical gifts are on full display. Ladipoe slides into the record, delivering a smooth, chilled and laid back verse that sounds perfect for the record.

Enjoy the single above.

Tarrah Nudges Us Closer To Our Dreams With ‘Jump’

For about 15 years now, Tarrah has been on a quest to shine her light and spread positivity to the world, one single at a time. Born as the eighth child in a family of nine, Tarrah started singing in church at a very tender age of four. And ever since, she has been using her gifts as a blessing to mankind, particularly those that listen to her music.  It, therefore, comes as no surprise that she released her timely latest single ‘Jump’ in the thick of the lockdown.

The COVID-19 induced lockdown has been many things to many people. But generally, many have found it to be a very tough time with a lot of financial and mental stress. Many found the time demoralizing and creatively stifling, seeking new ways to get their spirits up again. And Tarrah couldn’t have found a better time to put out such an inspiring single. It is a record that fills a void. 

With ‘Jump’, she preaches hope and resilience in the face of turmoil, nudging us to let go of our fears, insecurities, excuses and pursue our dreams.  She opens the upbeat record by reminding us that “there’s never going to be a perfect time.” The best time is now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow but now. Now is the time for us to jump into our dreams. 

For Tarrah an introvert, the lockdown happened to be one of the best times for her. A time she invested in creating as much as she could. And thankfully, we now have a lot of heartening singles to look forward to as she’s scheduling a series of monthly releases, with the next single coming in on Thursday, August 20. 

Not bound by tags or industry cliches, she isn’t feeling pressured to release a project. This is just a string of songs which will help lift the hearts of people as well as spread the good news of hope, peace, love and unity as always. One that would serve as a refreshing fuel, amidst al the junk we have as music these days. 

Tarrah who is also a veterinary doctor is happily married with two daughters. She also has a monthly series of a virtual music concert, with the next show coming up on Saturday, August 9.

Trill Xoe Enlists Psycho YP & Alpha Ojini To Teach Us ‘How To Act’

One of the emerging gifted producers Trill Xoe has joined forces with two of the leaders of the new school of Naija hip-hop, the multi-gifted Alpha Ojini and the relentless Pyscho YP for his latest record ‘How To Act’.

Over the uptempo trap record, Psycho YP, as usual, is so full of energy as he comes through with a solid verse hopping on the beat with bullish delivery. Alpha Ojini on his part brings it back to earth as he walks us through his ordeal with em ladies and his grind. Psycho YP also comes through with a thrilling hook that’d get you longing for the replay button as the beat cuts off.

Listen to the single above.

Garey Godson Is Steady On His Grind On ‘Ma Way’

An undeniable fact is that Garey Godson is one of the most hardworking music acts we have around right now. All year long, the Germany-based fusionist has been steady with his releases, giving us quantity and quality at every single turn. We are just seven months into the year and he has given us a full-length project – his sophomore album “Still I Rise”-  accompanied by a handful of singles. And this week, Garey Godson comes bearing gifts yet again.

On his latest single ‘Ma Way‘, Garey teams up with Mae N. Maejor, an award-winning producer from South Africa and Drey Andersson based in Germany for a special treat of trap-infused reggae. Across the track, he tells as an all too familiar tale of the hiccups that come with the hustle and how he’s too focused on his goals to let that hold him back. He doesn’t even acknowledge the opps and detractors as he reminds us in the hook that “I don’t see nobody in ma way.”

However, Garey is quick to recognise that he can’t do it alone. Hard and smart work isn’t just enough and sometimes all you need is that grace. In the second verse, he references God’s powers and influence in his life and grind as he acknowledges “you my rock, my salvation your light is on me truly divine…”

If you’ve been listening to Garey for a while now, you’d have noticed that he fully lives up to the ‘fusionist’ title. He remains a genre-bending and defying artist who’s always seeking new ways to push the boundaries as far as his music is concerned. And gladly, ‘Ma Way’ is no exception.

This record comes highly recommended from us at the PGM Club. Enjoy above.

Forevatired Rolls Its Carpet Into The Music Space With “THOSE KIDS NEXT DOOR”

It’s often said that there’s strength in numbers. And even though the global music industry is fast becoming more individualistic, there are a few collectives that are bent on proving the validity of that dictum. There was a time when boy bands were at the helm of the music space, but we seem to have outgrown them over time. With collectives like Apex Village, Section Boys, NSG, DRB Lasgidi and of course Forevatired, we have seen that acts could maintain their individual artistic pursuits and still join forces with comrades to pursue common goals.

However, one thing people are always wary of is the fact that collective projects and records often sound crowded and overbearing. But no one can say such for Forevatired’s latest project “THOSE KIDS NEXT DOOR” whose debut mixtape is an ambitious and spacious joyride of adventurous sonics.  Over 10 tracks, this swarming collective doesn’t run into each other or trying to go all out at once. And as you listen through, you can’t shake out the feeling that this is a carefully thought out and well-planned project, crowned with brilliant execution.

Across board, the sonically ambitious crew chops, screws, stir genres with rap as a unifying element. This LP is a quarantine-themed project with no boundaries, one of the few gifts we can hold on to in this lockdown season. Another beauty of the project is how the members of the crew play into each other’s strength.

According to Forevatired, “THOSE KIDS NEXT DOOR” plays as its formal introduction to the Nigerian and global music space. And one hell of an introduction it is. They are ready and sound ready.  With this tape, Forevatired and its members appear to have shed themselves of the mannerisms that betray emerging acts from a mile away.

The Nigerian rap/alternative collective formed in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2017 and currently based in Lagos. Led by Faith, the group was formed partially through real-life meets and online interaction. The group consists of vocalists; Etienne, Indigo, Rookie SBK, Pharoah and Rockimonsta, vocalists/producers Faith, Brum3h and Golddrummachine as well as graphic designer/creative director Sober Sham, vocalist/art director Runa, and artiste manager/A&R Pablo the Tree Hugger.

Enjoy the project above.

Maya Amolo’s Debut EP “Leave Me At The Pregame” Is An Intimate Journey To Self-healing

One of Kenya’s most gifted singers on the rise Maya Amolo has released her debut EP “Leave Me At The Pregame”. This is a 7-track project where she takes us on an intimate journey to self-healing through self-sabotage, self-realization, toxicity, love, and depression.

Thankfully, she’s found the light at the end of the tunnel and this is what this tape celebrates. “You ever get to a party and you’re just like, “damn. I should have stayed my ass at the pregame”. I can’t find my friends, I’m too drunk, someone is fighting, someone is crying, I’m just plagued by all the things that I’ve been putting off and all the thoughts resurface when I’m alone, in a crowd, at the club, away from the warmness and intimacy of the pregame,” she explains.

Using her soft delivery of raspy vocals and hard-hitting baselines as tour guides, the singer delves into the concept of self-realization and growth after escaping the cycles of the bad relationship in “Grwth” to the acceptance of the reality that there is a place and time for everything which she depicts in “Place and Time”.

Although a Kenyan, Maya Amolo is a US-based singer and songwriter who has swiftly amassed a dedicated listenership and a cult following with her delicate harmonies and carefully structured melodies.

Enjoy the tape above.

Bumi Thomas’ “Broken Silence” EP Is A Story Of Evolution, Solidarity & Rebirth

On June 12 2019, Bumi Thomas received a letter from the UK Home Office. She was told she had just 14 days to leave the country or face deportation without further notice.  This was a place where she was born and has lived all her adult life. Exactly a year after, she released her “Broken Silence” where she documents this experience and touches on the many ways being used to frustrate, subjugate and oppress black people all across the world. 

According to Bumi, “these songs are borne from the spectrum of states I traversed on a personal yet public journey of belonging and displacement. My emotional landscape reflects brokenness, rediscovery,  rebirth, healing, agony, rejection, change,  hope, encouragement, solidarity and the transformative power of love. It captures the beauty and power of solidarity  in times of injustice and uncertainty 

“Music allowed me to process my thoughts and emotions, archive my history,  release the trauma and transmute it  through an empowering creative experience.”

Broken Silence is also about her journey to self-sovereignty. It is a celebration of the rich cultural diversity that is her heritage and informs her creative practice.

It’s lead single, ‘Black Child’ expresses her personal experience, echoing the revolutionary stance of her generation, a generation that understands the importance of Breaking the Silence, confronting adversity and standing up for their civil rights. A shift that has culminated in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Listen to the project above. 

Wondamagik & Ogranya Release Joint EP “Chronicles Of Magik”

Ogranya has always been touted as one of the most gifted singers on the rise, and he reaffirms this proposition every single chance he gets. Be it on a new single, a body of work or live performance, whenever Ogramya puts himself and his work out there, a new fan is won. Earlier this year, he released an EP titled “Imperfect”, which Pulse describes as one in which “Ogranya continues to grow and experiment with his artistry.”

And just a few months after, he’s back with yet another body of work. This time, he joins forces with Wondamagik who doubles as a music producer and a sound engineer.

This EP titled “Chronicles of Magik” contains just five tracks with a guest feature from DJEUNO.

Enjoy the project below.

Manu WorldStar Nudges Us Closer To Our Dreams With ‘Choko’

After aiming for a global market with his chart-topping single ‘Nalingi’ Congolese rapper Manu WorldStar is back yet with another attempt. The rapper has released a new single ‘Choko’ off his soon-to-be-released album “Molimo”.

Last year, he released an EP, “Young African Story” which was a blend of hip-hop and afrobeats. It was also led by his breakout single ‘Nalingi’ which went gold. Now, he celebrates another milestone with the build-up to the release of his debut album, “Molim”, which is already available for pre-order.

“I felt this body of work defines and reflects the deepest desires and thoughts that come not from my mind, but from my spirit,” he says about the album.

‘Choko’ is an ode to pursuing your dreams relentlessly he says, “I want Choko to feed everyone’s souls just like how it fed mine” he adds.


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