Garey Godson Celebrates African Beauty On ‘Koko’ With SDC

Barely two months after his Maya Angelou-inspired album, “Still I Rise”, Garey Godson has gifted yet another single without warning in celebration of his birthday. For this celebratory single, Garey Godson takes us straight home as he joins forces with two of Nigeria’s finest wordsmiths, ShowDemCamp to rework ‘Koko’, one of the highlights off his sophomore album.

This record inspired his mother is a toast to the Black woman and the adulation of her beauty. Produced by a capable duo of Niickii and Hkmk, Garey takes a full dive into afrobeats exploring the powerful and independent nature of the African woman. Ghost and Tec also bring their Palmwine sound and flow to bear on the track, spicing it up with enough Naija flavour.

Speaking about the single, Garey says, “I grew up listening to SDC it was a great opportunity witnessing their creative process and them gracing this record”.  This single comes highly recommended from us at the PGM Club. Enjoy above.

YBthewildyouth Dabbles In Dancehall With ‘On Me’

Edward Kobina Komfo also known as YBthewildyouth has been putting in the work. Right from a tender age, he grew a reputation in the Masha-axis of Surulere with his first single ‘Hit Em Up’ which had his strong vocals and overbearing confidence on full display. And ever since, he’s been experimenting with sounds and honing his production skills, while secluded from the city life. Now, the young singer is giving us a taste of the material he’s been working on in seclusion with this new self-produced single titled ‘On Me’.

‘On Me’ is a melodic dancehall record delivered in a near-whisper where YBthewildyouth croons about a lover’s need to share intimate times with their partners.

With “Thewildyouth” serving as a metaphor to his defiance to societal norms and his nonconformist nature as a creator and musician, he says “YBthewildyouth is not just a stage name. It represents my story, journey and purpose as an artist.”

Enjoy the single above.

Omah Lay’s Debut EP “Get Layd” Sets Him As A Star To Look Out For

One interesting thing about the Nigerian music space is that it’s an industry tightly packed with young talented acts with so much to prove. And one artist whose name has been on everyone’s lips this past week is the Port Harcourt singer, Omah Lay. Ever since he released his debut and introductory EP, “Get Layd”, the youngster seems to have gotten cosigns from most of the big players in the industry. Commercially, the EP is also doing very well. A quick scan of the Apple Music Nigeria chart finds Omah Lay securing four spots out of the top ten. He also comfortably sits m on the number one and two spots with ‘Bad Influence’ and ‘You’.

We got our first taste of his fluid melodies when he got introduced to us with ‘You’ on February 14. His overbearing confidence on the single made him sound like one whose raw talents have been silently forged into shining diamonds. Omah Lay came ready.

One of the gains of this brilliantly executed EP is that in less than a week of its release, Omah Lay has got the ears of the people. He has swiftly positioned himself to be one of the country’s most promising singers on the rise. Alongside the charts, he has also vaulted himself to mainstream consciousness. And with a run of subsequent quality releases, Omah Lay is not far from being a household name.

Rookie of the year? Next Rated? Who knows?

But one thing is certain: he’d be one of the success stories Afrobeats has to tell at the end of the year. With “Get Layd”, Omah Lay has pulled off what many only wish for; having the people’s undivided attention right from your debut. Enjoy the EP above.

Listen To Shalom Dubas’ New “Mint, Green” EP

When Shalom Dubas came to our radar with her joint “Oakwood Ave” EP with Toyin Ores, little did we know that she had three years worth of materials out already. But ever since, we have been keeping tabs on the well-rounded creative, following her every step of the way.

Now after weeks of teasers and anticipation, Shalom has finally released her new EP, “Mint, Green.” She had released the EP for a day in celebration of 4.20 on April 4, making timely fans have a glimpse of the new material just before its official release. But now, the project is well available for us to listen, relisten, sink into, digest and share.

The EP contains 6-tracks with Nate Joel as the lone feature, although she gets assists from other acts in more subtle ways. She also works with a range of producers including JEZTLS, JAYDOT, Clem Beatz, JANAS, Toyin Ores as well as herself.

Listen to this EP above.

Zilla Oaks Recruits Marv OTM, Prettyboy D-O & Mojo For ‘No Conversate’

A few months back, Zilla Oaks joined forces with Dremo and Prettyboy D-O to open the year with the hard-hitting ‘Ogini’. The member of the Abuja-based super collective has been dishing some of the hardest trap records around, and he seeks to continue that with his latest posse cut, ‘No Conversate’.

For this onslaught, Zilla fields a capable team of Marv OTM, Prettyboy D-O and self-acclaimed rap Jesu, Mojo to ravage the Tochi Bedford beat, laced with ailing keys. These soldiers aren’t down for any long talks, and you can just tell from the breathless and insatiable energy they all bring to bear on the track. The energy is so infectious, it injects you that bulletproof confidence you need to go about your grind with the grace of a go-getter.

Enjoy the single here.



Kannon & Titxn Are Beguiled In The Video For ‘Face’

Just after working with MoBelieve, WeTalkSound and the emerging rapper Meji, Kannon, a producer who also doubles as a rapper introduced the world to his rounded skill set with his debut album, “The Walk Through”. This seven-track LP also guests rising indie talents like AndreMussic, Titxn as well as Jackmillz who recently secured a placement on Olamide’s latest EP, “999”.

It’s been a year since the album dropped, and Kannon is now keeping it alive with the release of the visuals for ‘Face’, one of the standout tracks on the tape. This is a mellow love number that finds Kannon and his partner-in-crime, Titxn trying to win over their love interests. “I reached out to other artist Titxn after seeing a collaboration between him and Remy Baggins called “Hollup”, I really liked Titxn’s Cadence so I decided to invite him to my studio in Yaba.

We did a couple of hard rap songs (brag rap mostly) but we then decided to do something less aggressive and a bit more relatable to my female audience, I played the beat and Titxn immediately started to recite his verse and the rest is history,” he says.

The video is quite simple, showing Kannon and Tixtn delivering their respective verses to their muses in a house and chilling at an empty ballpark in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Enjoy the video above.

TzaY’s Poise Is Patent On ‘Feelings’ With Byno

Ahead of his “Kings Only” E.P scheduled to drop later this year, emerging rapper, model and influencer, TzaY has released a new single ‘Feelings’. This song features an assist from the sweet-singing Byno, who yet again graces our ears with a thrilling performance.

Over the laid-back Aaronbillz’s production, Byno finds himself on hook-duty doing what he does best; laying down melodies that are so easy to sink into. “Have you ever loved something, you can’t get enough,” he sings. TzaY in equal measure comes through with some chilled braggadocio raps. All through his lone verse, you can just tell there’s a fresh fire in his delivery that reeks overbearing confidence. He draws his verse to a close with a brief but lulling vocal performance till Byno takes over with the hook. All through the highly-enjoyable track, Byno’s warmth shines through with his soothing but radiant vocals.

Everything about ‘Feeling’ sits just right. No filler, no additives. Despite it being a radio-friendly cut, this slow burner might not eventually serve as Tzay’s breakout hit. But regardless, it plays as one hell of a reintroduction. It sets Tzay’s imminent project as one to look out for, and it also proves him worthy of our undivided attention.

Mixed and mastered by Focus Studios, this record comes highly recommended by us at The PGM Club.

Listen to Jinmi Abdul’s New Single ‘Aya’

Jinmi Abuduls is slowly positioning himself as one of the key voices of his generation. With every release, the young singer-songwriter seems to win over unbelievers to his camp and his latest single is not an exception. Over the weekend, Jinmi released a new single ‘Aya’ produced by TMXO and engineered by Alpha Ojini.

Over soft percussions and a stifling bassline, Jinmi opens the record with a Jon Bellion-esque adulation of his woman. The track then transitions to a very soothing and melodious love number, coated in an incrementally-rich ambience. Benrix’s soul-stirring strings slowly crawl right under your skin as Jinmi’s lyrics place the picture of your love interest in your mind-eye as you sing along.

Enjoy the single above.

Kid Marley Craves That Good Life On ‘Enjoy’

Kid Marley has been missing in action for a while now. Ever since the album “The Grey Area” with 3rty, he has been on a self-imposed holiday and it has taken a pandemic and it’s resulting lockdown to finally get some music from the all-round creative. Just yesterday, he broke his relative silence with ‘Enjoy’, a tune that reminds us that life is short, life is one and we should, therefore, enjoy it as much as we can.

With this new drop, Kid Marley amplifies our thoughts, dreams and aspirations in the simplest terms. What do we wake up at 5 am and spend the next couple hours in traffic for? Isn’t it to make enough to get us that good life? To be able to live on our terms?

Sadly, many get lost in the pursuit that we even forget to enjoy the life we’ve got at hand. You don’t necessarily need to have a million dollars stacked somewhere before you can start to enjoy your life. While tilling, we should enjoy the process. And when success comes, we should enjoy our wins. Even the little ones.
Over the laidback Learnthecreator production spiced with an acoustic guitar loop, Kid Marley nudges us to “Enjoy your life, enjoy your life now / Re-live your life, re-live your life now.”

One of my favourite lessons off the highly celebrated book “The Alchemist” is that the secret to happiness is to enjoy the marvels of the world while keeping an eye on the prize. And same goes for Kid Marley, as he reminds us that “life is only worth living if you’re living it.”

You can catch Kid Marley having the time of his life alone, surrounded by nature in the accompanying video. The all-round creative is seen enjoying the peace, quiet and clarity that comes with sitting by the sea.

Enjoy the single above and let us know what you think.

Naya Akanji & Lemar Abdul’s “Vivid Emotions” Deserves Every Ear It Can Get

Listening to new music especially the not-so-popular ones can sometimes be a chore. Every project is a gamble. Hitting the play button comes with a sharp flush of anxiety, as you mindlessly whisper, “please let it be a good one.” Occasionally, this gruesome task is rewarded with a gripping sonic adventure but most often, you end up just skimming through the project, trying to convince yourself that you gave it a fair chance, never to visit again.

However, there are those very rare moments when you experience that bone-chilling thrill of discovery. You’re just a few seconds into a tape but you already know that you’re in for a joyride.  After days of tilling through bland and grating releases, you have finally found a gem, and you can’t just wait to share this discovery with your friends. That’s exactly what I felt when I listened to Naya Akanji and Lemar Abdul’s collaborative tape, “Vivid Emotions.”

Featuring no guests save for Sydny who helped in its engineering, the project finds both acts playing to their strength. Lemar Abdul solely handles the production, while Naya Akanji lays down the vocals across the 4-track EP.

“Vivid Emotions” is a well-crafted tape that transports you into a breezy world of Afropop, with highly sinkable melodies, laced with good songwriting. It is a project that serves as an introduction to an act that proves herself worthy of our undivided attention. It plays like a promise of better things to come, as Naya forges her raw talents into shining diamonds.

This project comes highly recommended by us at the PGM Club. Listen and let us know it’s good enough to place her on your list of artists to look out for.

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