D’Watchlist: The Lady and The Sound

Law Student by day, Singer, Song Writer and Producer by night. Zainab Donli is showing the potential to be become Nigeria’s next great female musician

Mainstream Nigerian music for all its obvious merits can sometimes become very repetitive. The same old recycled beats, same old lyrics and very little innovation. Thankfully, Afro-Pop, the dominant mainstream genre, isn’t the only sound we are creating.

That’s why finding new Nigerian talents and alternative genres gets us excited at The PGM club, and listening to Lady Donli’s “Selfish” aroused the same enthusiasm and much more.

Seamlessly alternating between rapping, singing, and spoken word poetry, Lady Donli has created a unique style with her music that is as unconventional as it is beautiful.


“My music is influenced by a long list of people I grew up listening to, such as Nneka, Erykah Badu, Macy Gray, Sade Adu, Frank Sinatra, Andre 3000 and Lauryn Hill the great.” I’m trying to create my own unique blend of sounds, but these artists definitely paved the way for me to even dream of such.” She says.

Growing up with brothers who were musicians also helped shape her. Lady Donli started recording and putting out music in 2012. Her journey so far has produced two mixtapes. ‘Love and War’, released in 2014 and served as her debut project and ‘What is perfect?’, her most recent mixtape which was released in 2015.

What is Perfect? is Lady Donli’s best body of work yet. She takes her songwriting to a whole new level, exploring more complex topics with a style fluid enough to perfectly express her range of talents complimented by the beat selection.

We asked her about the creation of the mixtape.

“I just wanted something to musically reflect where I was at that moment. I want listeners to feel like they’re on a journey watching me grow” she says.


The standout song on the project is Sour Wine, featuring an excellent guest verse from D-Boi. A song where she tells the story of feeling insecure when in love, a somewhat common theme for her.

Songwriters tend to draw inspiration from personal experiences, telling stories inspired by personal emotions. When asked if she finds it easier to write about personal heartbreak and insecurities, she gave a rather pleasant but unexpected reply. “None of the songs really centered on real-life events”, she says. “I’m a conceptualist, I always try to create a story outside the song. Fictional events that could or might have happened in our lives.” She said.


It is this creative ability that has truly endeared the fans to her. She’s in total control of not only the art but also how the art is presented. Hands on with everything from album art to music videos. She’s all about her visuals and presentation. “I love colors, I love art, and I always pitch ideas to whoever is in charge of my visuals. “I am very picky”, she says. “I want the art (the music) to truly represent me and what I feel. I also think presentation is important for the fans. They deserve to see and listen to a perfect body work”.

Interestingly, Lady Donli manages to achieve all of this while studying Law at the University of Surrey and with a new EP titled “Wallflower” in the works, you can be sure that Lady Donli is looking to outdo her last project.

For a patriarchal society with a male dominated music industry, Nigeria has been blessed with immensely talented female musicians. From Christy Essien to Weird MC and in more recent times, Asa, Tiwa Savage, Waje, Yemi Alade and a few others, we strongly believe that in a few years Lady Donli can perhaps be mentioned in the same breath as these greats.

We at thePGMclub strongly recommend that you add a bit of Donli to your playlist.

Follow her on social media.

Instagram: @ladydonli
twitter: @ladydonli
facebook: facebook.com/LadyDonli

There’s a new KING in town

The PGM club would like to introduce you to Kingsley Nnadi, professionally known as ‘KING.’
Born in Houston, Texas, KING is a graduate of Biology from the Texas Southern University in Cleburne St, Houston.
KING recently started his music career and has collaborated with EME’s Shaydee and highlife sensation, Flavour.

The Return of O.D

Guess who is back? It’s the known and respected Nigerian rapper, Overdose.

After a long hiatus in the game, Overdose made a reappearance at the Hennessey Cypher alongside T.R and Kel recently.

Rap fans jumped for joy as one of Nigeria’s best rappers made a long overdue public appearance.

Now officially announcing his return, Overdose drops a new track called ‘Sample’- a song that sees the rapper back at his finest and smoothest.

According to Overdose, “I stayed low profile for a while, working on a few things outside of music but when you are blessed with a gift you have to bless others. The cypher thing felt good and I decided to drop something for my fans who have been more than patient with me.”

As for upcoming projects, the rapper is keeping his lips sealed for now.

We at thepgmclub.com feel this is a song worth listening to.

A Fan’s Review: Boogey’s Incognito

On a hot November evening in 2012, I was listening to MI’s debut album, the classic Talk About It, and after playing the Short Black Boy skit by L.Boogie, I decided to google him out of curiosity. In the search results, I stumbled on Artificial Intelligence a mixtape by a young lyricist known as Boogey. Suffice to say that it was one of the best accidental finds of music in my life.

Artificial Intelligence was the perfect introduction to Boogey’s witty & satirical lyricism and his ability to create intricate storylines in his verses. His playful lyrics when analyzed deeply hold multiple meanings based on the audience’s perception.

Fast forward 4 years and Boogey has blessed the Nigerian Hip Hop scene with 2 more solo mixtapes, a collaborative album and two weeks ago he dropped his much-anticipated 4th solo mixtape, Incognito.


Compared to Boogey’s previous projects, Incognito takes a darker tone. Boogey’s playful side is almost nonexistent. This mixtape comes from a place of pain, driven by the frustrations of a battle weary General of Nigerian Hip Hop.

The tape’s opening four tracks are all about spelling out Boogey’s displeasure with the Nigerian music scene and women that have broken his heart and used him. “Devil beans” perfectly encapsulates this. On it Boogey perfectly lays out his frustrations, the pain in his voice accompanying the intelligent storytelling.

“The Boy” and “The King” livens up the mood a bit but Boogey still retains that dark edge.

On “People Always Leave”, a cover of LA carvinal’s Seven steps to Nowhere, and “Celebrate”, featuring Lady Donli, he takes on abandonment, by both the music industry and in failed relationships. He demands the attention that his craft deserves and the love and honesty that he seeks in relationships.

“Last words” sees Boogey team up with Cat Mayel on an Odunsi produced beat to create what I consider the standout track. His angst peaks with suicidal thoughts, a vivid description of ending it all.

Incognito closes out with “Resurrection” and “Bring it Back”. Notable mentions must go to AT, Phlow and Zee for amazing verses.

Incognito Back

Incognito Back

Incognito shows how much progress Boogey has made in the last 4 years. His story lines are more mature and his mindset in darker and more reflective. Wearing his struggles on his sleeves and weaving them into stories in his verses.

The tape also brings to the forefront how underappreciated Rap music still is in the Nigerian music circles.

We at thepgmclub.com definitely recommend that you give this body of work a listen.

Introducing Falana

Falana. Until fairly recently this name was associated in the Nigerian psyche with activism and law courts, fights for social liberties and to correct injustice. The only thing music related about the name was Femi Falana representing the great Fela during his many brushes with the law. This, however, is slowly changing. First, there was Folarin Falana, Falz, whose combination of comedy and satirical lyrics has turned him into a BET award-winning superstar. And now we have a singer and multi-instrumentalist simply named Falana.

Born and raised in Canada to Nigerian parents her music is very reflective of her early influences, Lauren Hill and Fela Kuti, but that’s just half the story. Spending a year in Havana, Cuba helped her develop her musical personality, hone her stage craft and it was also where her debut EP “Things Fall Together” was recorded.

Things Fall Together is a combination of jazz, Rn’B, and soul. A blend that Falana likes to call Soul Fusion.


The EP’s major theme is love. The 5 tracks telling a love story of heartbreak, forgiveness, and redemption. Falana goes from rejecting the advances of an old lover in “Re-infiltrator”, to weighing up the decision on “Chances” and finally giving and starting anew on “Start Again”.

“To Benard” is the standout track on the EP. A retrospective look at the reasons for love failing and a relationship’s end.

The beauty of music is that it can transcend borders and language barriers. With “Angelistos Negros”, the Black Angles, Falana had me wishing I had a proper understanding of the Spanish language. A beautiful song.

Falana’s presentation of her music excites just as much as the music. Her pop-up series of concerts are intimate gatherings designed to introduce her to the Nigerian audience. It is highly recommended that you attend one of the concerts to fully appreciate her work. The best music is always live.


We at thePGMclub are very excited about Falana and eagerly await her forthcoming debut album.

Follow her social media @falanamusic


Uriel is out with a new single titled “Anya” which means “Eyes”. “Anya” is a high tempo Igbo inspired track produced by Benie Macaulay . This single is taken from her upcoming “House Music EP” which is set to be released later this year.

Prior to this single, she has released “Spell” and “Nwoke Oma” which are two House Music songs. In addition, she represented Nigeria in the recently concluded BET reality TV show “Top Actor Africa”.

We at thepgmclub.com hope you enjoy it.

Aylo’s Assault on Mediocrity, Fusion

Brash, Confident and Unapologetic. These were the first words that came to mind when I heard Aylo’s Fusion. Musicians sick of the status quo have always gone on to make the type of music that they want to but Aylo takes it a step further with Fusion.


He takes on the phonies who make uninspired and monotonous music, mocking their song template and unimaginative lyrics but at the same time managing to create a song that excites the ears. A song you can groove to but one with a message.


Aylo has definitely caught our ear here at thepgm.club and we eagerly await what he comes up with next.

Introducing the Bass Queen: Lindsey Abudei

Jos to the World. That’s the title of Ice Prince’s next album, probably chosen to reflect how musical talents have taken him from the high altitude streets of Jos to fame, fortune, and worldwide stardom. From 2baba to MI to P-square, Jos has been a constant source of talent for the Nigerian music industry, providing balance to a scene dominated by the Juju and Fuji inspired west and the Highlife sounds of the east. Collectively they have all pushed the boundaries of Nigerian music in their own way and on a wet Sunday evening in Lekki a few weeks ago, I discovered Jos’ next gem to the world, Miss Lindsey Abudei.

Lindsey is not entirely a new face on the block. For years she frequently collaborated with Jesse Jagz and MI as part of the Loopy Records collective but in 2013 she finally released her first solo body of work, an EP titled Brown with guest appearances from Ese Peters and Eve Urrah.

It served as a precursor to what was to come in her debut album, And The Bass is Queen. In it, Lindsey gifts the world a complete and sublime body of work that will take you on a soulful musical journey and stimulate nostalgic emotions about Love, Heartbreak and everything in between.

ATBIQTRY sample 11-1

Listening to the album on my devices was great, but listening to her perform the songs at the listening session was an experience! Sometimes to truly appreciate music, you have to see the artist perform, feel the energy of the live instruments and witness the emotional impact, that both talking about, and performing a song has on the artist and the audience.

The album opens up with ‘Have You?’ And ‘Drift Away’, songs about heartbreak and the sadness that comes with it but they are delivered in such a beautiful way you’re not exactly sure if you should be smiling or crying. ‘Out The Magazine’ tells the story of the differences between the brushed up world presented in magazines and movies and how it differs greatly from reality.


On ‘Libra Man’, she rebels against the notion that her soulmate is a Libra as dictated by dating horoscopes. High has her longing to be loved passionately and with Apologize, she pens a heartfelt apology song to a wronged lover. ‘Freedom and I’ and ‘Shoot Them Down’ depart from the overall theme of the album, songs about survival and thriving in adversity. Motivational even.

Leaving closes out the album. Up tempo and groovy with themes along the lines of Freedom and I and Shoot Them Down.

The emphasis on live instrumentals reduces the dependence on production to make the album great. Instead, she achieves this with her amazing voice and her pen, her songwriting skills evident on every single track.

With ‘And The Bass Is Queen’ Lindsey has made fans of us at thepgmclub.com and we strongly advise that you get a copy of the album for yourself. This is what good music sounds like!


Funbi is a soul singer and storyteller whose essence captures the past, highlights the present, and sets the standard for the next generation of Afrobeat sounds. He is the male vocalist best pioneering the new school rhythm in Nigeria.

Funbi is poised to make his solo debut with the first official single from his upcoming project, a reflective track titled “Hallelujah”.

The tune, written by Sir Dauda and Funbi, comes at a time when there is a great need for uplifting.”‘Hallelujah’ is like opening the gate,” Funbi said. “We all fight different battles as we journey through life. The key is to find a way to use them as an opportunity for growth. My battles inspired this song…I hope it inspires you”

His upcoming project will delve deeper into him exploring different genres from funk to soul, folk and alternative. With this debut, the singer looks forward to enticing more listeners to his brand of cool.

We at thepgmclub.com are looking forward to this project and hope you enjoy his music.

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