Eclipse Nkasi Crowns Himself The ‘King Right Now’ In New Single

The countdown has officially begun for Eclipse Nkasi’s long-overdue debut album, “Child of Destiny.” Scheduled for release on Friday, February 7, the 13-track album is led by the new single ‘King Right Now’.

After a self-imposed hiatus, Eclipse came back in 2018 with a double release which reminded everyone of his amazing talent. He immediately followed it up with three solid records in 2019, ‘Heaven’, ‘Pro Bono’ and the grateful number, ‘Thank God I’m Alive Sha’. And now with an album bound for 2020, Eclipse is kicking off the new decade in full force, giving his fans all they’ve been calling for and aiming to convert nonbelievers with the new tape.

Across this new track, Eclipse’s energy and confidence is radiant and he comes through with braggadocio bars over the bass-heavy, grime infused Hip-hop production.

Listen to ‘King Right Nowhere.

Ayüü Has Tay Iwar, Lady Donli, PsychoYP And More Colliding With Him On “Ayüüniverse”

Burgeoning Abuja-based act, who is also a member of the Apex Village collective, Ayüü, has released his much-teased debut album, “Ayüüniverse.” This comes about a year after his 4-track “Mango Juice & Bad Decisions” EP which featured appearances from Andre Wolff and PsychoYP.

Ayüüniverse” is a highly collaborative 15-track full length that features appearances from some of the most talented acts on the rise across the country. Across the project, he brings along a super cast of Lady Donli, Tay Iwar, Rukkay Yaiman, Wavy The Creator, EESkay, Famous Bobson, Kuddi Is Dead, GJthe Caesar, Oscariffic, Zilla Oaks, as well as frequent collaborators, Andre Wolff and PsychoYP.

The production is equally handled by an expansive young and gifted team of Jaylon, Trillxoe, Tobay, Tay Iwar, Molly1080, Le Mav, Don Ozi, Doz, Thabeatsmith, Prodlem, Fallofmicheal and The Hypractive Kid.

Enjoy the tape here.

Garey Godson Just Wants To Have A Weekend To Remember On ‘Lowkey’

2019 has been a very busy year for Garey Godson and HKMK. All through the year, the pair have been consistent with their releases, bending sonics to their will and churning out impressive records. And now, they have teamed again to release a new sultry banger titled ‘Low Key‘ which is both produced by the pair. This is a follow-up to Garey Godson‘s socially conscious ‘Virtual Love‘, where he touches on the effects of social media on social and romantic relationships. With the frequency of his releases, it would be understandable to perceive that there is a new project on the horizon, although there hasn’t been any confirmation of that yet.

This new record finds Garey inviting his love interest to come to spend time with him over the weekend. He entices her by reminding her of some of their cherished moments while also making promises of her having the time of her life if she comes over. It’s a private affair with no intruders allowed as Garey sings “will you come over for the weekend, we ain’t gotta tell nobody I can keep it on a low, I can keep it on a low key.” The record itself has an overall feel-good but groovy tune to it that makes it finetuned to smash the clubs. Production-wise, it is a delish potpourri of Dance hall, Reggaeton, Trap and Afro-pop elements.

Listen to the record here.

Listen To Vader The Wildcard & Teck-Zilla’s Joint EP “Confluence”

Teck-Zilla has been quite busy this year. The veteran hip-hop producer who also doubles as a DJ has worked with both IllBliss and MCskill ThaPreacha to release “IllyZilla” and “Nucleus” EPs respectively. And the producer is still not done yet as he teams up with 2017 Henessy VS Class winner, Vader The Wildcard to release a new project titled the “Confluence” EP.

Across the three tracks solely produced by Teck-Zilla, Vader showcases his penmanship and technical abilities, seeking to erase any shred of doubt about his skill set. The final track, ‘Tobi’s Song‘ features insightful storytelling as he takes us on a brief journey into his past, touching on his childhood, growth and the loss of his father.

Listen to the record above.

Muyiwa Akhigbe Introduces His Afro-Futurist Sound On ‘Outta My System’ With BankyOnDBeatz

Three months after their initial team-up on their soothing love record,’Bamilo‘, Muyiwa Akhigbe and BankyOnDBeatz have joined forces on a new number titled ‘Outta My System’. Earlier this year, he also dropped a stellar joint EP with Rhye Ali titled “Conversations.”

With this new record, Muyiwa Akhigbe attempts to introduce his branded afro-futurist sound. Produced by BankOnDBeatz, ‘Outta My System‘ is reminiscent of Daft Punk’s futurist sonic aesthetic prevalent on ‘Motherboard‘.

This is a sad tale of a love turned sour. The romance has run its course and an exhausted Muyiwa is done having it. He calls it quits as all he wants now is to move and get over his jilted lover.

Listen to the record above and let us know what you think.

Garey Godson Sparks An Important Conversation On ‘Virtual Love’

Music has always been a powerful tool in driving for social discuss and change. Legends like Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Bob Marley recognised this early enough and laced their music with messages of neo-colonialism, justice, freedom and promotion of world peace all in a quest for a better world for their people. But human problems also evolve with time. And with his latest release,’ Virtual LoveGarey Godson seeks to spark a long-overdue conversation about how social media is rapidly shaping human interaction. And it’s not exactly for the better.

Thanks to technological advances, communication has gotten faster, easier and considerably cheaper. But more isn’t exactly better in this case. Communication has simply degenerated to something less expressive. We’d rather sit leg crossed and text in the comfort of our home than move out to go visit friends and check up on them like we used to.

One intricate part of inter-personal communication often missing in today’s instant messaging is context; often provided by gestures, body postures, eye movements and the ambient energy in face-to-face conversations. And this has an insidious way of affecting our interpersonal relationships. Little wonder why relationships and friendships aren’t what they used to be.

Using his medium as an artist, Garey Godson is tackling this issue head-on with ‘Virtual Love‘, telling a story that almost every youth is familiar with: a story of a relationship turning sour and complicated due to ineffective and efficient communication between the lovers.

Check out the record above.

Listen To Ilaye’s Beautifully Crafted “Pneuma” EP

A few months ago, we had the gifted soulful singer, Ilaye on our D’Watchlist for her emotive single, ‘Metaphors’. And now, she is making a stronger case for herself by releasing her poetically rich and beautifully crafted debut EP, aptly titled “Pneuma.”

This a 6-track EP led by her previously released singles ‘Binoculars’ and ‘Metaphors’. And although “Pneuma” is entirely a solo effort, she works with a superb team of producers including Tiwa Dara, IBK, Tejiri, Sirbastien and Atta Otigba to impeccably execute this project.

Give this project a listen and you won’t even have to get past the first track to figure out why we speak so highly of it.

Nigerian-American Singer, Olayinka Ehi Is Worthy Of Our Undivided Attention

Despite spending most of her adult years in the United States, singer and songwriter Olayinka Ehi was born and raised in Nigeria. A burgeoning R&B-alternative act, Olayinka’s sound is very much influenced by her African culture; evident in the way she weaves pidgin and English in her lyrics as well as the African percussive elements often embedded in her sound.

An example of this is her 2018 release, ‘Jeje‘.  On this penultimate track off her debut EP, “Story“, Olayinka hops on an airtight Afropop sound which sports a strutting a guitar lick. Across the record, she enjoins her listeners to feel the groove and move their bodies softly to the rhythm. Over the 4-track EP, she flutters across genres, even exploring EDM on the project’s closer, ‘B.G.S.N‘.

Olayinka Ehi initially ensnared us in 2016 when she was thrust in the public eye with her emotive cover of the late Nina Simone‘s definitive record, ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood‘. Coming 53 years after its initial release, Olayinka uses her rendition to highlight society’s repulsion to a spirited and opinionated black woman. And ever since, she has been fairly consistent with her releases coming through with ‘Like I Do‘, ‘Feel‘ and ‘If You‘ in 2017. The next year saw the release of her well-received debut EP “Story“. And picking off where she left off in 2018, she has dished out two offerings this year with ‘No Love This Summer‘ being her latest. Released in July, ‘No Love This Summer‘ finds the singer ready to fully enjoy her summer with no commitments and no relationship-induced drama. It closes with an amusing soundbite of friends making plans to enjoy a wild and free girls-only summer.

Olayinka Ehi performing on stage (Instagram/olayinkaehi)

Olayinka Ehi performing on stage (Instagram/olayinkaehi)

For Olayinka Ehi, however, music isn’t all just about entertainment. She uses her gift and its perks as a tool to drive real-life changes in our society. Generally, her’s songs are centred around love and life. But with highly sinkable melodies, her songs are also usually laced with underling messages that articulate some of the women-specific struggles. In a recent interview with Voyage LA, she revealed how she used her EP rollout to help raise funds to build an all-girls school in Tanzanian.

I am very big on female empowerment and I believe that education plays a huge role in that. When I released my first EP, I dedicated the event to raise funds for an all-girls school being build in Tanzania. We were able to raise more than 2000$ online and at the event. The school is planned to open in 2020. I plan to start up my own non-profit to continue events like this where I link my music to global awareness.” Olayinka discloses in the interview.

We at the PGM Club are very excited about Olayinka Ehi and her music. Check out her EP above and let us know what you think.

Stormatique Stretches Beyond His Comfort Zone In New Album, “Grains of Salt”

Nigerian music producer, Stormatique, known for his works with Modenine and MCskill ThaPreacha has released a new album titled “Grains of Salt.”

This is a 10-track album that finds the producer- who also doubles as a sound engineer- exploring sounds stretching beyond the hip-hop genre he is particularly known for. And on this album, Stormatique brings along a wide range of artists including Payper Corleone, TenTik, Freeborn, Awal – a Ghanaian rapper, Hertz from Uganda as well as MCskill ThatPreacha who also executive produced the album.

Check out the album above.

Garey Godson Reflects On His Brief Romance In ‘Cairo’

Garey Godson seems to be touring the biggest African cities and has absolutely no problem taking us along. A few months ago, he detailed his romance in Lagos on ‘Private Trips‘ and now, the German-based act further takes us up north in his latest number, ‘Cairo‘. Teaming up with DONMD who assisted with an emotive Travis-type hook, Garey Godson comes through with a modern R&B vibe, punctuated with underlying Spanish guitar riffs.

On his visit to the historically and culturally rich city, Garey comes across a love interest and tries to detail his brief romance with the damsel. He is immediately blown away by her charm and confidence and tries to open up his heart to her. Apparently, she just wants to have a good time and not down for any commitments, as she slowly fades out of his reach. Garey is therefore left with a cherished souvenir from the beautiful city: his memories of her.

Spanning just over two minutes, ‘Cairo‘ is a short but sweet affair that’d most likely have you fumbling for the repeat button immediately it ends. Garey comes through with a polished flow and airtight delivery that projects the soulful realness in his lyrics.

With monthly releases since ‘Chosen One‘ in May, Garey has proven that he has an impeccable work ethic. The frequency of his releases makes it look like there might be a new project on the horizon. And we are absolutely here for it.

Enjoy ‘Cairo‘ above and let us know what you think.

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