The 5 Best Nigerian Diss-Tracks of 2019 So Far

Over the past few months, Nigerian hip-hop has been at war with itself. What started as a playful but audacious ‘Best Rapper In Africa’ brag spiralled the entire scene into a Royal Rumble-type frenzy that found rappers aiming for each other’s heads. From Blaqbonez to Payper Corleone to Davolee, everyone was churning out tracks laced with not-so-subliminal shots and outright name-drops. Even the OGs were not spared: a video surfaced online of A-Q and Ghost (of SDC) engaging in a presumably heated debate about who the superior wordsmith was.

All these eventually snowballed into an M.I Abaga vs Vector The Viper showdown. This beef which had been brewing for quite some time finally found the perfect climate for a face-off. In what will go down in history as one of the spiciest Nigerian hip-hop beefs, their back-and-forth resulted in a total of four diss tracks in just three weeks. Climaxing with M.I’s ‘The Viper‘ and Vector’s ‘Judas The Rat‘ and its bordering antics, hip-hop which had been playing second fiddle to Afrobeats in recent years was – howbeit briefly – restored to mainstream consciousness.

But now that the dust seems to have settled, Let’s look back to highlight some of the hottest diss tracks off this 2019 Nigerian rap civil-war.

5. Davolee – Give Away

This might not be as polished or popular as some of the other songs on this list, but it’s one of the hottest on the streets. Disgusted by Blaqbonez’s audacity to crown himself the best rapper in Africa without the credentials to back such claim, indigenous rapper Davolee attempted to devour the 100 Crowns rapper. The abrasive rapper aims with a submachine gun flow, with enough rounds for whoever is lurking as he also had choice words for M.I Abaga, Loose Kaynon, A-Q, Dremo, Falz, and Ycee. In fact, ‘Give Away‘ also led to a quick back-and-forth with the DMW rapper, Dremo.

4. Blaqbonez – Best Rapper In Africa

After declaring himself the Best Rapper In Africa in a scorching freestyle, many came out to counter his claim as to many he just wasn’t worthy to crown himself with such title. Several rappers released diss tracks to that effect, including Tentik and Payper Corleone. In his combined reply, ‘Best Rapper in Africa‘, Blaq reaffirms his claim as he tears apart his adversaries. He also came through with his ‘Control‘-moment, teasing and calling out his peers for a face-off.

3. Vector – Judas The Rat

When M.I Abaga dropped ‘The Viper‘, everyone thought it was over. The question on everyone’s lips was “how is Vector going to come back from this?” But Vector did the impossible and pulled a comeback reminiscent of 2005’s magic of Istanbul. With ‘Judas The Rat‘, Vector digs up more personal dirt on M.I, particularly pointing at his strained relationship with his brother, Jesse Jagz. He also highlighted some of M.I’s antics, painting him as a rat who favours only himself. The ripple effect from this diss was so strong that it provoked M.I’s fall from grace, reopening sores inspiring many to share some of their bummers with the former Chocolate City boss.

2.  M.I Abaga – The Viper

After quick successive jabs from Vector with ‘The Purge‘ and ‘Tetracycline‘, M.I just had to respond. And when he finally did, the self-acclaimed rap messiah did not disappoint as he delivered perhaps the best song off the entire pack. Over a gloomy and ominous self-produced beat, an assertive and gruff-voiced M.I comes through with witty rebuttals for Vector’s previous jabs. He further paints the Lafiaji rapper as a snake who has been envious of his success from the jump.

M.I turned things up a notch just a few days later at the 2019 Big Brother Naija finale.  Sporting a black shirt with a bold “No Snakes” imprint, M.I performed his brief set metaphorically stomping over a viper image projected on the stage.

1. A-Q – Distractions 2

A-Q has been having quite a good year. After years of churning out critically acclaimed personal projects including “Rose” and ”Blessed Forever”, A-Q came to many’s radars this year off the strength of his stellar verses on the Martell Cyphers. Also this year, he finally picked up the coveted Lyricist on the roll award at the 13th Headies which eluded him for years despite picking up nominations. 

Of all the diss tracks released this year, A-Q’s heinous Vector-aimed ‘Distractions 2‘ takes the cake. The belligerent rapper who had built a name for himself as a war-ready gladiator fit himself right into the Vector-M.I beef and came through with the most brutish diss track in the pack. On ‘Distractions 2’ the 100 Crowns boss brought a grenade to a knife fight, coming for Vector for with a swift jab-cross-left uppercut-cross combo that gave him the knockout in less than five minutes.  It’s a joy to know that his recent status as a label president hasn’t robbed him of his viciousness on the mic.

Listen To Maka’s New LP, “It’s Not You; It’s Me”

Super gifted Soul and R&B singer, Maka has released a new full-length project titled “It’s Not You; It’s Me.” This is a 10-track album that features only two guest appearances from Blaqbonez and Pepenazi.

The entire album is produced by Jay Blakez who also solely engineered the project, while Maka retains co-production credits.

Listen to the album above.

Listen To Paybac’s New Single ‘Activ8’

One of Nigeria’s most gifted rappers, Paybac, has released a new single titled ‘Activ8‘. This comes just a couple of months after ‘Boy Band‘, which finds a happy-go-lucky Paybac crooning about living life on his terms. ‘Activ8‘ is the second single off his coming sophomore album, “CULT.”

Over sombre keys, a stifling bassline and head-bumping kicks, Paybac is in his element, delivering stream-of-consciousness verses about how he keeps pushing against all odds in this country. The patriotic record is dedicated to Samuel Okwaraji, a footballer who died on the pitch 30 years ago in a World Cup qualifier match against Angola. He is also the protagonist of the enduring Nigeria-vs-India legend.

The record ends with a soundbite of an excited commentator celebrating a goal from Samuel Okwaraji for the Super Eagles.

Watch Teni’s Dream Become A Reality In The Video For ‘Billionaire’

After a brilliant eye-catching rollout all week long, the video for Teni‘s ‘Billionaire‘ is finally here. This is the lead single for her recently released 6-track debut EP of the same title. Although the project was released to mixed reactions, Teni turns the tide in her favour with this brilliantly directed video: a strong video of the year contender.

Produced by Pheelz, ‘Billionaire’ is an up-tempo record, rich in instrumentation and overflowing with ambition. This, therefore, provides a perfect blend of a stunning dance record with a declarative and prayerful lyrics. Proudly weaving together Yoruba and English over ‘alujo‘-laced percussions, Teni sings of her lofty dreams of being a billionaire as well as the luxury and excess that comes with being one. In the accompanying video, that dream is realised.

The TG Omori-directed video opens with Teni daydreaming of being a star and billionaire at a family get-together. She is then seen preparing hard for her shot at the reality tv game show, Who Wants To Be A Billionaire with Frank Edoho. She finally gets her chance as a contestant and she ends up with the star prize of a billion naira. The video peaks with a hilarious appearance from Instagram comic, Broda Shaggi when he is called on to help Teni with her quest via the “phone a friend” lifeline.


DJ Yin Ushers In African Dance Music With ‘Let Go’

The DJ who also doubles as a singer, DJ Yin has released a new single titled ‘Let Go‘. This is her first post-“Life of Fatima” record, her 5-track EP released to good reviews in March. This new record was exclusively premiered on the PGM Radio Show yesterday with Douglas Jekan and Tolani.

This song features DJ Sketch and Echo who also produced the record. With this single, she introduces what she calls African Dance Music (ADM), which appears to be a smooth blend of EDM and Afrobeat elements.

Let Go‘ finds DJ Yin showing off her soothing vocals as she croons about her romance with her sweetheart. They appear to be going through a rough patch which threatens the survival of their relationship, but Yin isn’t ready to let go. Not just yet.

Listen to the infectious record above.

Ilaye’s ‘Barbecue’ Is A Must Listen

The Tiwa Dara-produced ‘Barbecue‘ is, no doubt, a perfect opener to an emotive and beautifully crafted 6-track opus that has drawn adulation from several corners. Over an acoustic guitar loop and scintillating lead guitar riff, Ilaye delivers a soothing and melodic ode to her teenage love. Over the years, they have grown apart, moved on and probably even totally lost contact, but whatever they shared is still alive and relived in distant but charming memories. With a heartfelt reflection, she details some of the memories and lofty dreams they shared as kids. And just like on the remaining songs on the  “Pneuma” EP, she employs remarkable songwriting that projects a soulful realness in her artistry.  

This song could be a soundtrack to our young and naive romances filled with pipe dreams and wide-eyed promises, motivated by a childlike optimism that things will always go according to plan if we simply stay true. A time when we sincerely believed in “happily ever after.” But over time, we tend to shed this innocence and enthusiasm as we are repeatedly reminded of the uncertainty and dubious nature of the world as we grow through life. But in the second verse, Ilaye reminds us alongside her “special barbecue,” not to get caught up in the frenzy and try to hold on to our enthusiasm as much as we can – for ourselves and for those we claim to love.

Barbecuecomes highly recommended from us at the PGM Club. Listen, enjoy and share.

25 Signs You May Be Clairsentient – Someone Who Feels Things Very Deeply

Clairsentience, the ability to intuit information through clear feeling, is the psychic gift that most people don’t even realize they have.

Everyone is born with the ability to intuit information in different ways. This is why kids (and even animals) perceive, understand and are able to create things that adults often can’t. Come adolescence, those abilities are often processed out of the psyche, influenced largely by friends or relatives that insist deep sensitivities make you weak, different, or at worst, “insane.”

The most commonly known type of psychic gift is clairvoyance, which is clear seeing. However, there are other ways to perceive info, such as clairaudience (clear hearing) or even claircognizance (clear knowing), the latter of which is often used in tandem with clairsentience.

Here’s how to know if you’re clairsentient:

1. You are very sensitive to your feelings. You have strong reactions to negative emotions, and always seem to overthink situations that other people don’t appear to be bothered by.

2. You are very selective about who you spend time with because there are only a handful of people who don’t make you feel drained, exhausted, or otherwise inexplicably uncomfortable.

3. You can perceive the true root of people’s problems immediately and clearly. People often call you their personal therapist or come to you for advice or help.

4. You are fascinated by things that are ancient or historical. When you visit places that have been inhabited for many years, you find yourself fascinated, because you’re feeling the layers and layers of energy that have been embedded there.

5. You have an extraordinary ability to empathize, to the point that you can even put yourself in the mindset of people whom you disagree with strongly, or who have hurt you in the past. In this, you can find true healing and compassion.

6. Even though you keep your inner circle small, you’re a social butterfly and can seem to charm just about anyone you meet. This is because you can perceive how they would best connect or resonate with you.

7. You have always struggled with your emotions in your life. You’ve had to learn how to not let your feelings totally engulf you because, at times, they do.

8. You become uncomfortable in cluttered, dark spaces, and always gravitate toward areas that are naturally bright and airy. This is because you can perceive the vibration in any given area, and understand that the darker and more crowded it is, the heavier the energy is.

9. You’re not only a deep feeler, but you are also a deep thinker. You are constantly theorizing about why things happen, and what their ultimate purpose could be.

10. You likely utilize claircognizance along with your clairsentience – once you’ve picked up on the feeling (vibration) of a person, place or situation, you also use clear thinking to discern what’s really happening or any important information that you need to know.

11. You understand that everyone and everything alive is inherently an energy field and that the way people control, process and use their energy creates their feeling state. Therefore, you are very careful about what you say, and what you do.

12. Sometimes, you’ll have strong feelings that are triggered by small, seemingly unimportant things. This means that you’re becoming aware of a trauma point that needs to be healed. Most people are able to just ignore those discomforts as they arise, but because you cannot, you are forced to heal them and learn from them.

13. You have an abundance of wisdom given your age. You know more about the world that you have intellectually processed – and that’s because you learn best by intuiting things.

14. You are somewhat ahead of your time in that you have understood quantum or spiritual concepts long before other people began to realize the significance and impact of them.

15. Growing up, you always knew that you were different. You had an active and vivid imagination and seemed to think and behave in a way that was sort of foreign to your peers and family.

16. If you are introverted, there is a good chance that it could be because you are actually a wounded extrovert. You are so sensitive to other people’s feelings, motivations and actions that you can often find yourself hurt enough that you realize it is important to have clear boundaries.

17. If you are extroverted, you are a highly sensitive extrovert. You can only be engaged with other people for so long, and you really thrive when you’re with a group of people who you know and trust best.

18. You have had unexplainable spiritual or religious experiences in your life, in which you were exposed to the truth about the universe and why we are alive in it.

19. You can intuit immediate judgments about people that almost always turn out to be correct.

20. You never trust what you are told, or what you see on the surface – you trust what you feel. This applies to everything from jobs to partners. You can read them in ways that they probably can’t even understand themselves.

21. You have very strong reactions whenever something is going wrong. This may make you think that you’re a perfectionist. However, you are also capable of experiencing bliss, joy and complete empowerment. This is all because you are so hyper-attuned to your emotional experience that you can take whatever is happening and run with it.

22. You can clearly perceive people’s true intentions. It is immediately apparent to you why people are behaving a certain way or if they have ulterior motives.

23. You understand that the pain you have felt in your life has been a gift. It has inspired and motivated you to expand, grow and become someone you never would have dreamed you could be. You do not condemn one feeling over another. You simply ask it: “What do you need to tell me?”

24. You feel a strong connection with energies and spirits that are nonphysical. This could manifest as a need to spend a lot of time in nature, or waking up in the middle of the night and sensing another presence in the room.

25. You feel a deep calling to help people. You can sense that people are suffering needlessly, and you feel that your life mission is, in some way, to help them become more self-aware, and transcend their pain.

Rema Is A Willing Captive In The Video For ‘Lady’

Rema‘s story is one like no other. Ever since he was activated and unveiled by Mavin/Jonzing World, the young lad has been a star. His debut and introductory self-titled EP, “Rema” which housed smashes like ‘Dumebi‘ and ‘Corny‘ kicked off his rapid ascent to fame and mainstream success, and it has been a joyride from there. In less than a year, the singer has released three EP, won the coveted Headies Next Rated award, featured on the Obamas‘ summer playlist, and looks poised for even more international exploits.

On this high-speed journey, Rema has made a quick stop to unveil the visuals for ‘Lady‘, a fast-paced standout off his third 2019 EP, “Bad Commando.”

Directed by Tadas, the video finds a veiled Rema strapped to a chair with arms behind. He is the captive of a dancing damsel who at a point opens his eyes to a world of romantic hedonism. Rema himself looks to be a willing captive as throughout the ordeal, he doesn’t for once show any sign of discomfort or even attempt to escape.

Check out the video above.

MCskill ThaPreacha Teams Up With Stormatique On “Nucleus Vol.2”

Exactly a month after the release of “Nucleus” with Teck-Zilla, MCskill ThaPreacha is back with the second instalment in the 4-track series. On this, MCskill teams up with his friend and longtime collaborator, Stormatique, a seasoned hip-hop producer who also released his “Grains of Salt” album a couple of months back.

In usual fashion, this tape contains only four tracks with no guests. The entire project is also solely produced by Stormatique who doesn’t disappoint in delivering solid beats for the OG rapper to shine on.

Nucleus Vol. 2” opens with MCskill showing off the strength and depth of his pen on ‘Awakening‘. This is a cypher-like barfest in which the breathless and insatiable rapper spazzes over the slick boom-bap beat. This is swiftly followed by ‘Without Aid‘, a track which touches on the endemic substance abuse among youths today.

Nucleus 2 Rear

Nucleus 2 tracklist

New Beginnings‘ finds the rapper cheekily reflecting on his stint in the friend zone while he wraps the EP with an insightful social commentary on ‘Criminals‘. In this thoughtful closer, MCskill is in full elder statesman mode as he reflects on cybercrime commonly known in these parts as “yahoo-yahoo.” He is also highly critical of corrupt government officials whose greed has made the country a hotbed for crime.

Enjoy the “Nucleus Vol.2” above.

Joeboy Releases 5-Track Debut EP, “Love & Light”

Ever since the release of his chart-topping smash, ‘Baby‘, Empawa artist, Joeboy has been on a joy ride to stardom and mainstream success. Proving he was no fad, the young singer followed up with equally beautiful songs, ‘Beginning‘ and ‘Don’t Call Me Back‘ alongside their complementing visualizers that have come to be the showpiece for fans. All centred around love, his songs have come to soundtrack most young romantic relationship in these parts.

It all started with a DM from Mr Eazi after an enthralling ‘Shape Of You‘ cover from the talented but obscure up-and-comer. But barely two years after, Joeboy is now one of the biggest stars in the country. He was even nominated in the coveted Next Rated category at the 2019 Headies award.

Riding off the back of his short-and-sweet, love-themed, and melodious records, Joeboy has released his debut 5-track EP titled “Love & Light” which is all he aims to spread with this project. The EP was premiered exclusively on the PGM Radio Show on Wednesday and the responses have been favourable.

A majorly solo affair, DMW‘s Mayorkun is the only guest on this EP, featuring on ‘Don’t Call Be Back‘. This is a record that is already dominating the airwaves and topping streaming charts in just weeks of its release. Production-wise, Joeboy works with a capable team of Killertunes, Dara the Boy and Beats by KO on the project.

Speaking to OkayAfrica about the inspiration for the project, he revealed that “the main inspiration behind the songs on the new EP is just the idea of love and happy music, happiness. Music that you listen to and just gets you hyped up and makes you feel good inside. For lyrical inspiration, I just drew ideas from my experiences, these could be from a movie or my environment, or something I’m playing at the moment.”

Listen to “Love & Light” above.

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