Tomorrow by Fasina

Lately, several African artists have been drifting from the norm and exploring other genres of music – We at the PGM Club embrace the freedom of expression in music, wholeheartedly.

Fasina’s ‘tomorrow’ produced by Yinoluu, who also produced Ayüü’s ‘4uü’, and is on the rise known for constructing his sounds to merge with the balance and form of the artist’s voice and sound, is a classic example. This new single is breezy and has a warm, indie flow, completely different from his last single, 5 Star

The vibe is everything you need for the summer.  His many references to Nigerian slangs such as ‘Warri no dey carry last’ makes the song as a whole very Afrocentric! And adds a comic twist to what started off as a heartbreak song.

It’s the typical love story, many of us may find ourselves relating to this song. Fasina explains the complications of falling in love, the familiar drake line ‘feelings change’ pulls on many heart strings.

Nevertheless, despite the endless circle of back and forth as he explains, he’s just not ready to let go. Sounds familiar, right?

Hopefulness is bliss, the title ‘tomorrow’ is filled with the intent of anticipation.

We at The PGM Club recommend you give tomorrow a chance and spread the word to other good music lovers.

Credits: Adedayo Laketu, Lydia Gahan, Douglas Jekan




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