Tomilola makes a comeback with ‘Picture Perfect’

Since her debut a few years ago, Tomilola has been one to keep an eye on. Her soulful and charismatic voice sets her apart; although the artist has few singles to her name, she has left a mark in the mind of her listeners with her unique sound. Her previous single, ‘Mo Yato’, sees the artist singing about how special she is. This is the truth; her voice and energetic live performances set her apart. Although the artist has not released any new song in a while, she has performed in some shows like The Palmwine Fest, The Cavemen concert, Deji Abdul’s live show and The Femme Fest.

With all these under her belt, the artist has released her first official single for 2022, titled ‘Picture Perfect’; on this song, she features Nigerian alternative singer Tim Lyre who produced the song alongside Ronehi. In ‘Picture Perfect’, she describes the special bond between her and her love interest and how they connect deeper. Theirs is a different kind of love because it’s different from the type of love she has experienced before; it’s picture-perfect. She sings, “Baby, don’t be late now, don’t make me wait. Loving the way you do, no one loves me the way you do. I’m in paradise, picture-perfect, me and you.” Assisted by Tim Lyre, who adds his number to the song “It’s the gospel they can’t deny us, omo mi lo dun bayi, to tun gbona bi Dubai.”  ‘Picture Perfect’ is a nice jam and arguably one of the best songs in Tomilola’s catalogue. Listen to ‘Picture Perfect’ here and let us know what you think about the song.


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