Tomi Thomas sets the stage of the official video for “Who Knew” in the streets

Singer, Tomi Thomas sets the visuals for his single released December, last year on the streets. The newly released video for “Who Knew “ addresses jumping through gates and dungeons to standing ovations. It speaks life to dreams being fufilled, making the most of their circumstances and standing strong although back breaking. The general tone of hope and strength emphasized in the song trickles down to it’s visuals as the grimy parts of the country takes centre stage in it’s visuals. We see the average Nigerian, their laborious jobs. We are reminded of the dreams and frustrations of the Nigerian and the Nigerian dream, if at all any, being to survive. In all, Tomi Thomas passes the message of making it out alive and becoming survivors.

Click here to watch the official video. The video was directed by Seyi Akin and edited by UAXstudio.


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