Tomi Thomas releases new Project “Hopeless Romantic EP”

Tomi Thomas has dropped a new EP titled Hopeless Romantic. This new project shows the growth in the singers sound. There is no doubt the evolution in the singers style from his debut EP “Patience” with featured singles such as “Ready Or Not” in collaboration with GMK, with his newest project which houses the tracks; Love Me Now, Hopeless Romantic, previously released Again, Good Dancer, Waiting and Hurricane featuring Buju Banton.

On the goal of this EP, the singer says;

I hope to raise the vibrations of the planets and the consciousness of its people through music and sound healing.

He also says he sound has involved incredibly from his last project to this one.

It’s been 5 years since I released a solo body of work and in that time, I’ve experienced life in many dimensions… the challenges,the apprenticeship in failure and of course the success that comes from practice, patience and determination. To say this simply I chose love and with that came joy, peace and the higher vibrations. I channeled my emotions and all of my energy into making this timeless piece of art with my family we have worked tirelessly in love to make sure the vibrations edify your soul.


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