Tomi Owo explores freedom in her new song.

The world is a mess, relationships are getting broken and people are continuously losing their sense of freedom, especially in Nigeria where the government has everyone in a chokehold and our mental health is in constant disarray. In all of this, Nigerian singer and songwriter Tomi Owo  would like listeners to picture themselves as birds who have the freedom to fly to where ever they want in her latest single “Bird.” If you have been feeling trapped in your relationship, work or whatever, then “Bird,” is a song that can easily lift your spirit and make you feel free. The opening line already gives a picture that the artist no longer cares about what happens around her, “The street lights I used to know don’t shine like they did before no and I just don’t care no more. I’m moving like the wind you know, I’ll fly through the open window in a soothing flow, I’m alright,” and she just wants to feel free and let go.

This is the artist’s first solo release of the year after featuring alongside MZ Kiss, Lady Donli and Bella Alubo on the project “Kele*le,” a collection of songs created to raise awareness and provide financial support for women’s health clinics in Nigeria and continue the fight against growing rate of HIV/AIDS in the country. Working on the project shows how much Tomi follows her purpose for making music which is to tell our stories, support ideas and inspire change and she did just that on the song “Go On Woman.”

“Bird” which was released today is an ode to freedom and self-love, as it has become something we struggle to get nowadays. The song exudes a hopeful feeling evident in the lyrics and production. In this song, she doesn’t just encourage listeners to embrace freedom; she also encourages herself to be free. She sings, “I’ll move through the mountains above and I’m free as a bird, free as a bird. It’s me and the oceans oh and I’m free as a bird, free as a bird. Oh I, oh I will be alright. Oh, I will be soaring through the sky. Look into my eyes this is fire.” Everyone wants to experience freedom, there’s a wholesome feeling that comes with being free to be what you want; it makes you feel like you can do anything.

“Even in a cold cold world, I’m alright,” she sings, acknowledging how cold and lonely the world can be sometimes, but she chooses to live freely like a bird. In the Joel Humlen-produced track, Tomi sings about what freedom is to her and offers hope to listeners who feel trapped. Listen to the song here and enjoy.


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