Tolani Moves Against Her Better Judgment On ‘Bad Man’

After a near-silence filled first half of 2020, Tolani is back with a bang! Last year was littered with releases like ‘Maybe Baby’, ‘Liar’ and the Reekado Banks-assisted ‘Ba Mi Lo’, that we perceived a project was on the horizon. Well, with this new release, we hope again.

You know how women swear they want a good guy but it’s the bad guy they really want? Yes, this is what Tolani reiterates in her new single ‘Badman‘. On the new infectious and highly relatable single, Tolani admits that ‘bad guys’ seem to be her type.

“Every time a badman pull up, temperature dey burn up” she sings. And although she knows this isn’t exactly the best for her, she finds herself helpless to this craving again and again. “Wish I would learn my lesson, I’m needing a new direction,” she admits. But she also can’t seem to shake the hearing off “even though I should know better, I’m down for the ride whenever.”

No doubt, this is a feeling that a lot of ladies and even men is are familiar with, and would find this song highly relatable. Enjoy this song above.

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