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adeytobi war

Tobi Adey releases “War.”

As an independent artist exploring his sound and preaching the word of God through his music, Tobi Adey is one gospel artist who is ready to use his music to talk about themes like faith, spirituality, God’s love and overcoming the world. Tobi who comes from a musical family has released several projects between 2018-2022 is back with his latest album tagged “War.” In his latest project, the UK-based artist grapples with his Christian faith and attempts to educate listeners about the salvation of Christ while talking about the vulnerable times we go through as children of God. Tobi doesn’t act like he has it all figured out as he asks for the hand of God in “Prince of Peace.”

Since the success of 2018’s “Balance,” Tobi Adey has continued to be unapologetic about his faith and in “War” he continues to explore similar themes. In “Prince Of Peace,” Tobi prays to God to take away the pain he feels with lyrics like, “Can you take this pain away? I’ve been crying in my bed. I need you to stretch your hands, I know you can understand. You are the prince of peace, you live inside of me.” He talks about the daily struggles “I know the pain feels heavy” that come with being a Christian and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Tobi lets his bars speak for him in “Jump.” Persecution, tribulations and struggles are the entities that surround a Christian and in this song, this artist encourages Christians to continue fighting for the faith “Yeah, we never gonna stop.”

The artist adopts a thankful pose in “Yahweh” singing about the love of God and asking to be filled with the spirit of God. “Voices talking in my head, but which one is the Holy Spirit,” these opening lines of “Pull me closer” show a conflicted Tobi, singing about his bad decisions and his struggle with his faith. However, with his faith hanging on one leg, he still asks for God to draw him closer “I don’t know where to go, I need you.” In “Wake Up,” the artist describes rapture from everything going up in smoke to judgement he says it all over thumping drums. “War” sounds like a war cry with a commander giving commands and his soldiers giving a response, but in this case, Tobi is singing about the war against the things of the world and asking for grace “There is a war going on outside/the power outside fight against me.” 

“Thousand miles away” borders on the major theme of the project which is asking for God’s help, his love and Tobi’s salvation. The final song “Dnr” is about the artist’s journey with God. He sings, “I’ve been walking through the valley with God/yeah, my life is a testimony.” In this album, Tobi explores finding God’s love, his journey with God, rapture, thanksgiving and the battle with the flesh while spitting bars that drive every message he wants to pass across. Overall “War” is a good project because it is relatable for most Christians who go through different struggles sometimes the burden is easier to carry when someone else talks about it. However, this doesn’t mean that the project is strictly for Christians, if you love good music then “War” is for you. Listen to the project here and let us know your thoughts about it.

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