Timaya releases new album ” Gratitude “

Earlier today, Timaya released his much anticipated and talked about album, Gratitude. This is the bayelsian artiste’s 7th album. It is a 15 track album with songs titled: Born to win, Iberibe, Don Dada, Something must to kill a man , No limit, The mood, Chulo bother nobody, Okaka, No gra gra, Loval N Bougie, Ebiola papa, L.O.V.E, The light, I can’t kill myself and Buru. The album is largely a solo act and contains no features; It is simply Timaya giving us vibes for days. The album is littered with works from several producers which includes : Spotless, Ayzed, Yung Willis, Chillz, Vibe o, Orbeat, Wildxyouths , Boombeatz, Krizbeatz and Chrisstringz .

Just like the title of the album implies, Timaya expresses his gratitude and appreciation for the good things of life especially coming from a background of struggle, lack and survival. Despite the wreck of a year this has been, Timaya finds the time to still look at the bigger picture and be grateful for all he is and has in the present. He is grateful for the blowing up of his hustle and takes us on a groovy trip into his lush, bubbly lifestyle. He does not forget to admonish listeners to hustle legitimately and finds the time to cunningly throw a jab at his one time public foe, hushpuppy.

Have a penchant for slipping into bad places and moods because of the toll 2020 has had on us and need to lift your spirits? listen to this album, tap your feet, shake your waist and share in the thankfulness and appreciation for life that it preaches.


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