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Tim Lyre releases his debut album ‘Worry<’.

Nigerian alternative singer, Tim Lyre has released his debut album titled ‘Worry’. The songs on the 9-track project which sets its anchor on issues like love and romance includes songs like ‘Organic’, ‘Present’, ‘Real’, ‘Syzygy’, ‘Hubris’, ‘General’, ‘Highlife’, ‘Primetime’, and ‘Spanish Lime’. When mentioning names in the alternative music space in Nigeria, the list isn’t complete without mentioning Tim Lyre. Tim has created songs with artists like Aylo, Minz, PrettyBoy D-O, Lady Donli, and many more.

He is one creative who believes in blending different songs and pushing for something unique that is better than their individual parts. The artist who started out in 2016 and produced quite a number of songs on Prettyboy D-O’s sophomore album ‘Love Is War’ and worked with Lady Donli on the tune ‘Highlife’. With the release of these records, the artist was building his discography and registering his sound into the minds of his listeners. On ‘Worry’, the artists collaborates with artists like July Drama, Kobla Jnr, Lady Donli, PrettyBoy D-O, Mojo AF, DAP The Contract, and Tena Tempo. If you are a fan of good music then you should check out album here and add it to your playlist.

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