Tim Lyre releases deluxe edition of Worry <

Tim Lyre is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer whose music is a genre-defying afro-futurist study of the human experience. Tim blends international poetry through voice and sound over a bustling, psychedelic Lagos backdrop as a key player in Nigeria’s alté revival.

His “Worry < ” album which dropped six months ago contained 9 tracks; Organic, Present, Real, Syzygy, Hubris, General, Highlife, Primetime, and Spanish Lime, which infused alté with Afrobeats, ambient, trip-hop, and neo-soul components for a reflection on love, loss, and featured Tena Tenpo, DAP The Contract, Lex Amor, MOJO AF, Prettyboy D-O, Lady Donli, July Drama and Kobla Jnr. With stellar production and noteworthy collaborations, this is inarguably one of the best projects of 2022.

The deluxe edition includes the addition of 4 more tracks. He includes a Hobie remix of Hubris, Skulla remix of Syzygy, Oscar Mbo remix of Real, Midnight Manoeuvres remix of  Spanish Lime and another with Suté Iwar. This album focuses on a more collaborative effort with producers who he lets experiment with the tracks. Listen to Worry less deluxe here



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