TiAE makes his debut with ‘Fun Times.’

As good music continues to drop every day, emerging artists have also begun to take the bold step of debuting in the music industry and constantly redefining the soundscape. One of the latest acts to make a debut is TiAE. The Afro-pop musician just made his debut with the song ‘Fun Times.’

In ‘Fun Times,’ the artist sings about the good times he has had with his muse; even though they are about to break up, he is still optimistic and wants to remember the fun times they had instead of ending their relationship on a sour note. He sings, “You don’t have to pack your bags babe so fast. I know you’re bored, and now you say we’re done, it’s alright. All the feelings that we shared, all the late nights and the wine.” ‘Fun Times’ is a good listen because of its catchy beats coupled with the fact that the song is quite relatable; a lot of people have been in relationships that have gone sour, but they decide to remember the good parts of their love story to save the relationship or to end on a happy note. We hope TiAE continues to forge ahead in the music industry, and we wish him the best. Listen to ‘Fun Times’ here and let us know what you think about the song.


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