This love season, Vector collaborates with Good Girl LA to release “Early Momo”

Vector da Viper has dropped a new Jam titled “Early momo”. He features Goodgirl LA who lends sultry vocals to this love jam making it a delight for lovers this season. This is a follow up to his previous project, “The African Mind” EP. Early momo is the lead single for his forthcoming  “T.E.S.L.I.M album” and fans wait in anticipation. As expected, “Early momo” is filled with love, romance and lots of flirtations as can be seen in its lyrics;

See I admit it
The cookie is the cookie
They life is a gamble
I’m talking to the bookie
Placing all the bets
Any set
Oniru water side – any flex
No need to work out
Many sweats
Anoda level no fit matter any less
I’m telling you around the time to hear me best
Yeah, yeah.

lyen l’early mor mor
Take it in bed
Show me some love
Make it sincere
If you like the thing
Take it instead
Don’t you fake it instead
Make the thing spread

Produced by Mr Klebb. Its video was shot and directed by oluthewave. Click here to give it a listen.


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