The Video For Sarz & WurlD’s ‘Ego (Nobody Wins)’ Tells An All Too Familiar Story

Sarz and WurlD have finally unveiled the long-awaited visuals for ‘Ego (Nobody Wins)‘, almost ten months since its initial release. This comes just a few hours before the release of their much-teased joint EP, “I Love Girls With Trobul” set to drop on Friday, November 8. The video directed by a team of Chukwuka Nwobi, WurlD, Baba Agba and Muktar tells a poignant tale of a clash of egos.

It opens with three ladies preparing for a party having the relationship talk and advising WurlD’s downhearted lover. The video soon finds WurlD and Sarz at a bar as the singer croons with a sore heart about him craving his sweetheart. She then goes on to have a good time at the party, dancing to her favourite tunes with friends while WurlD chills with his guys. Sarz plays the good friend who listens to all of WurlD’s howls and grumbles, even offering him a drink to deal with his pain at a point.

Amidst all this, the lovebirds terribly long for each other but are a repelled by an even stronger force: ego. At the end of the video, they realise they had been in the same place all along.

Watch the video above.


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