The Video For Santi’s ‘Sparky’ Is Finally Here

Santi has finally unveiled the highly anticipated visuals his latest raving single ‘Sparky‘, two weeks after the initially-proposed release date. And it is well worth the wait.

Written and directed by Santi himself, this is a cinematic vision that is influenced by early Nollywood culture.

Just like the visuals for ‘Freaky’, Santi seems to be highly inspired by the 90s Nollywood culture which others have subjected to ridicule. The way he borrows from this culture for his music videos has begun to spur a level of admiration and appreciation for the early days of Nigeria’s film industry.

Asides the deft sad story of revenge being told in the video, Santi is also seen having fun and showing off dance moves with his friends in an empty pool.

The visuals for ‘Sparky’ also contains an unreleased melancholic but dazzling Santi record which seems to captivate one’s attention despite  its short run-time

We at the PGM Club recommend that you watch this stunning video and please do give us some feedback.


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