The song that almost got away

It is 1.37am on a Wednesday morning and once again sleep has eluded me, and this time, it is a song that is banging in my head and has been on repeat for the last 2hours. A song I can’t wait to share with you all. However, before I introduce the song to you Nytcrawlers (music lovers), I must admit to you that I can’t stop beating myself up for sleeping on this one. Well, I didn’t sleep on it, I just forgot to listen, review and share it with you all and for that, I ask for your forgiveness. That said, allow me to reintroduce to you – The Black Couch by Tomi Thomas.

Black Couch VOL I is the first release of the LP which will include genres such as Reggae, soul, RnB, and Hip-hop. The first release will feature songs such as “ Caught a wave, Cheat Codes and Jane” and also other artists such as Santi, Tay, Bridge (LOS), BrisB (LOS) and EsoJay Luciano.

According to Jenna Kahdum from UrbanMass, “Tomi Thomas keeps on flourishing and showing that he is versatile and delivers conscious great music to the world. Black Couch has a relative sound yet has that special touch that makes it not sound like any other artist on the market.”

“ I worked on the BlackCouch LP to push past the boundaries, everyone that worked on this project with me put in their all and I can say we all grew in the art, got a little bit better and that for me is the greatest reward.” says Tomi Thomas

We at push traffic to good music and this song right here is ‘GOOD MUSIC’.


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