The PGM Club At Music Biz 2020

Over the last decade, Nigeria has seen major investments and development in infrastructure. This changed the way music is produced, distributed & toured within the country, and impacted the overall output and global reach of regional content. This panel will provide a detailed insight into the fresh market while addressing three core areas that play key roles in redefining the landscape:

The rise of the Nigerian live industry and how the country is taking control of audience interaction, especially by redefining its brand through global festivals and concerts.

The reappearance of major labels alongside independent labels and their new business models.

The rapid rise of digital distribution connecting consumers via technology while providing new income streams, combating physical piracy, and restructuring the market.

Our panelists will present detailed insight regarding this new and exciting market, particularly how it provides an array of fresh business opportunities for music companies if they tap into Africa’s western music fan base early, and how it may benefit the worldwide music business.

This interview is part of the Global Business Community program

Music Biz’s Global Business Community program will dive deep into the top rising international markets set to make a splash in the near future. Across three panels, we will discuss how the industry’s expansion in Latin America, Africa, and China will impact the music business at large, and what considerations must be taken when international players break new ground in these regions.



Douglas Jekan

Douglas Jekan
Founder and Creative Director, The PGM Club

Douglas Jekan is the founder and creative director of the Pushing Good Music (PGM) Club, a creative hub and promotions platform that focuses on artist discovery, A&R, promotions and distribution. The platform works to push the new alternative sound coming out of Nigeria and Africa
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Monday August 17, 2020 3:30pm – 4:45pm
Global Business Community


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