The Perfect Good Morning Message From Nego True

Ladies, here’s a perfect ‘Good Morning’ message from the ‘Date Night EP’, Nego True & Nia Ekanem.

Please listen and share by pushing good music and while you are at it, don’t forget to scroll down and watch Nego True’s just released ‘Hunger’ video


New Video from Nego True: Hunger

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2 comments on The Perfect Good Morning Message From Nego True

  1. Eloka Greg says:

    Another creative work with commonly used slangs from Nigeria! Great tune!

  2. thats one of the best original videos I’ve seen in ages!
    for a minute their though in the song I thought the Ryan giggs n Fergie scene wasn’t gonna come up! Priceless video!

    as for the #datenightEP every track is beautiful..anyone thinking otherwise?

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