The Painter and the Music (Art X Review)

A painter paints pictures on canvas while musicians paint pictures on silence.

Music and art are forever entwined from album covers to the execution of music videos, set designs, and stage performances etc. Altogether creating a bigger picture through inspiration.

The demand for Art and music has risen over the past 10yrs, it’s evident in Jay Z and Beyoncé’s lifestyle, Kanye’s Runway short films to Rihanna’s Fendi and Pharrell’s sneakers.

Which was why we were all keen on witnessing this year’s Art X Live Performances directed by Odunsi the engine. The theme was the 80s-90s era but executed by the younger generations.

One of the biggest limitations the younger generations suffered was acceptance from the older generations; this was a chance for the younger generation to show the older generation why they need to stop holding on to the golden era, but rather enjoy the present by aligning with the ever-enthusiastic younger generation or they might miss out on the future.

It’s 11 PM and Art X Live finally kicks off after some minor setbacks caused by mother nature (rain).  The show commences with throwback commercials causing laughter and nostalgia. Mich Straaw, the host of the night steps on stage looking like puff daddy in the late 90s/early 20s with his all-white outfit styled by Tai Lore.

The first artist to kick off the show was the beautiful Amaarae from Ghana.

The sensual artist gave a good account of herself and did a cover of VIP Ahomka Womu and then ended her set with a dance faceoff before giving away a shirt to the winner.

Next up was BOJ, who thrilled the crowd with nostalgia. Though his stage performances lacked energy as is customary with BOJ, he did, however, try to step it up.

Teni the entertainer last of the musicians to perform gave a stellar performance, from stage presence to covers and engagement. She closed the event in her best Igbo church choir imitation which got the crowd laughing. 

The performances ended successfully, with members of Art X giving thank you speeches, I saw several generation members of the Art X Live. The older, current generation and the younger generation. They all had a smile of victory on their faces.

By 1 AM, People started leaving but the show was far from over, AYE! Got on stage and the celebration went on all night.

You never realize how much hits the golden era churned out till it’s been played. I saw all generations try to do the Crip-walk, break dance, it was a battle of could go lower when Aye! Played Lagbaja’s Konko Below. The older generations rapping to Method man, I saw them moving their hands like they were the emcees themselves. You could see the excitement in everyone’s eyes when Aye! Played a different song, there were people on stage, people everywhere dancing, I was sure the stage would come down with the way people jumped up and down.

It’s past 3 am and I expected the energy to wane but it wasn’t happening anytime soon with the way the crowd was reacting, The last time I saw fathers, sons, brothers, friends come together to form a circle, take turns at dancing and holding each other arms like it was a boys night out was in 2012.

Everyone took turns calling Aye the best DJ in Nigeria and Africa, after experiencing what he did. And we’re inclined to agree with that assessment not just because he is a member of the club. 🙂

It wasn’t the last day of Art X but it felt like it was, it felt better than that, it felt like it was December 31st, and we’re all dancing, waiting to shout 3,2,1, happy new year!

But all good things have to come to an end and by 5 am, Aye eventually signs out.

Music is the art of sounds in the movement of time.

The show was better than good, it was obvious how people love music. The younger generation had delivered and brought unity, in these moments where the age differences and gender mattered less.

Everyone left the venue feeling like they got more than what they bargained for, a feeling we all carried to our social media, friends, and anyone that would care to listen.

Art X Live was amazing!


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