The Nigerian Dream – Efe Oraka

She gave us The Ultimate Jon Bellion mashup last year and this year, Efe Oraka is making us think.

Late last year Efe Oraka released the first single off her forthcoming Magic EP, taking us to WonderlandNow, this amazing young woman is crying for us to wake up from The Nigerian Dream (produced by Cheso). This thought-provoking single has Efe calling out the Nigerian system’s lack of priorities, sweeping important issues under the carpet and generally insulting the intelligence of the Nigerian public, and the absurd culture of living in excess. Efe also talks about the desensitization of Nigeria to mental health as she sings Oh but the kids are messed up… so messed up/Let’s just pretend that they’re not stressed/‘Cause “Nigerians don’t get depressed”

This young woman’s take on the notion of ‘the Nigerian Dream’ is one that requires a proper listening and The PGM Club implores you to listen properly to Efe Oraka’s words.

Listen to The Nigerian Dream here.


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