The Cavemen Takes Us Back Home With Debut Album “Roots”

After coming to the consciousness of many through their contributions to Lady Donli’s well-received debut album “Enjoy Your Life”, and their much-celebrated single ‘Osondu’, one of the best bands around, The Cavemen, have finally released their debut album after weeks of anticipation. This new album is titled “Roots” and it contains 16 tracks, making it just less than an hour long. It also contains no features.

This is an album that going by pre-released singles, you can already guess that it is skewed to celebrate Igbo highlife which seems to be relegated to the background these days with everyone one hopping on more trending sounds. And even though they are taking the road less travelled, the duo is very confident that the album and their sound will be received with open arms by the Nigerian listening public.

“I feel our sound is what the average Nigerian would want to hear and that’s not exactly dominant anymore in the Nigerian mainstream. Our music also transcends generations and demographics,” they expressed in a recent chat with Pulse NG.

Enjoy the album above.

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