The Back Benchers, Vol.1 – Dusten Truce & Tylerriddim

Dusten Truce has lifted ended his 2018 silence and released a joint project with his childhood friend Tylerriddim and this one is called The Back Benchers, Vol.1. 

D-Truce definitely had a great 2017, with the release of Butterfly (featuring 3rty) and his EP 23 To Life and now he’s showing that the show does go on with this 2018 first. The Back Benchers Vol.1 isn’t Tyler’s first though; a few days before this project was released on the 21st, the singer dropped his debut album SUMMER RIDDIM and you shouldn’t sleep on it. For both artists, this is a great continuation of talent.

D-Truce and Tylerriddim are childhood friends and this joint 5-track EP produced by DJ Xtreme and Jay Blakez is a collection of pretty relatable stories they are sharing with us and honestly, these are stories that are definitely worth your streams.

Listen to The Back Benchers Vol.1 here.



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