Terry Tha Rapman Celebrates Legendary Griots In ‘Dan Maraya in a New Bugatti’

The Nigerian music space is very unkind to its legend. If you’re not Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade or Oliver De Coque, you’re most likely to get disrespected by young cats in this amnesiac industry. It’s either you’re mockingly compared to stars of the day, have your achievements and legacy dismissed without a second thought or even worse, get forgotten about. But Terry Tha Rapman’s latest effort is a step in the right direction, raising a toast to two legendary griots.

With his new single ‘Dan Maraya in a New Bugatti’, Terry Da Rapman appreciates the fast-fading West African folk genre by celebrating its patrons, Dan Maraya and Mamman Shata. It finds him stepping in their shoes and reflecting on the kind of life they deserved.

To make the tribute holistic, Terry raps over a Pheroshuz production which blends trap’s bounce and the scintillating sound of the Kuntigi, a key instrument in the folk world.

Enjoy the record above.


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