Teni Wants To Take Her Love To The Next Level On ‘Marry’

Teni is back with her first post-”Billionaire” release which also happens to be her first single in 2020 titled ‘Marry’. This record comes just as we celebrate love in February, peaking with the annual St. Valentine’s day, celebrated exactly a week ago. 

For Teni, she is almost done celebrating a love without a future. She wants to take this to the next level, hence this direct message to her lover. 

As common with Teni’s records, this song is rich in instrumentation, particularly African percussion coated with her beautiful and chilling vocals. For the hook, she interpolates one of Nigeria’s most popular childhood games “When will you marry?”

She documents the frustrations that come with being in a relationship for so long without a conviction of where it’s headed. Another Valentine’s day just passed, yet Teni still hasn’t gotten her ring and she’s done having it. 

Now she is taking matters into her own hands, directly asking her longtime lover when he is going to propose. She is done waiting and throwing the guy hidden signs. This situation has gotten beyond that. Now she is intentional and very frontal about her desires; she wants to be proposed to and taken to mama.

And to be fair, after committing to a relationship for seven year, that’s not too much to ask for. 

Enjoy the record above.


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