Tena Tenpo releases new EP ‘Vibes Alive’

Since his debut in 2017 with For The Ladies on The Runway, Fast-rising Experimental artist and songwriter, Tena Tenpo has dropped an array of versatile projects like Slave II Society’, a joint EP with the talented KD, Dodo Mi, Overtime, Be Mo, Pre Szn, Jaiye, All Out Tonight, Pre Game, Benfit Boyz ft. Jaws etc.

Born June 26, 1993, in Lagos State, Nigeria. He initially used to go by the name Curtis Tenpo in high school. Tenpo being the initials from his first and last name Tena Podeke, but then his female classmates started calling him Tena Tenpo and it stuck because it had a nice ring to it. He started hanging around studios and watching people make music since 2010 but didn’t officially go into music till 2013. His first official record was ‘What’s The PS?‘ featuring KD.

Tena Tenpo’s music can be termed Afro-fusion, mixing afrobeat influences with rap and sometimes, R&B. In Tena’s words, “..music is way bigger than a genre. It’s more like sound of different emotions and times. I just make good music.”

On Vibes Alive, Tena sonically flits between the hip-hop, alternative rap, and afro fusion spectrums on the six- tracks EP. The album provides a crucial reference point for his sonic transition exploring his creativity and versatility with the outstanding tracks Preee Me, Freaky, Vivid, Benefit Boyz, Bumpy, and Tunmise. Hard-hitting rappers Tim Lyre, MOJO AF, YazidXo and Jawzs contribute verses to the album, which is produced by Toyin Ores, MixedByDammy, and Yazidxo.

Listen to Vibes Alive EP here


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