Tay Iwar’s New Single ‘Sidelines’ Will Get You In The Groove

Tay Iwar just dropped a new self-produced single titled ‘Sidelines‘. This follows the release of ‘How‘ just last week, this is the second single from the singer’s forthcoming debut album “Gemini” which is set to be released on Friday, March 29. And if these two singles are anything to go by, “Gemini” is poised to give us all eargasms.


Tay Iwar is not done with his ex as ‘Sidelines’ finds him picking up where he left off on ‘How’. He points out some of his ex’s bad habits that caused strains in the relationship, making it feel so one-sided that eventually led to their breakup.

Maybe if you paid more attention/ You wouldn’t be the one on the sidelines looking for love and attention” he reveals.


No doubt, this single is set to make you dance and reflect on your half-hearted efforts in your love life at the same time.  



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