Tay Iwar sings about forbidden love in “Bad4U.”

One of the leading voices in the Nigerian Alternative music scene Tay Iwar has released his first official single of the year titled “Bad4U.” The new single is an RnB song about his forbidden love affair. He sings, “They say that I’m bad for you, I could die right now for you. Say something, that I’m bad for you. Spend my time thinking of you,” the first line uttered in the song already tells listeners that nobody approves of his relationship. His love interest isn’t helping matters because she can’t seem to decide if she wants to be with him or not. Hence, the line, “You’re looking at me like you wanna be the one, then you tell me that you are leaving in the morning.”

Since his debut into the music scene, Tay Iwar has delivered songs that people who have experienced one-sided affection in their relationships can relate to and know that they are not alone. His latest song, “Bad4U,” isn’t any different; the guitar riffs create the perfect background for the artist to talk about his entanglement while he sings about his lover’s sexual prowess and how they can make their relationship work. He sings, “Are you ready or not? Tell me what you want. Girl, you fuck so good; make me dance and flirt.”

“Reckless, I got nothing else. I could pay the price for you, baby. Babe, the love is strong,” he sings, declaring his intention to fight for their love whether it is forbidden or not. The song, which was written by Tay Iwar, Austin Iwar, Kevin Kofo, and Chukwuemeka Obi, is the perfect debut that places the artist as the go-to singer for songs that talk about one-sided love or rocky parts of a relationship. Production credits go to Le Mav and Tay Iwar. Listen to “Bad4U” here and tell us what you think about the song.



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