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Tay 1

Tay is here to Stay!

The Headline above is not a hype. Trust me when I say that you need to watch out for any artist who after their first EP, has music enthusiast nudging them on to release a follow-up project. Such is the reception Tay got from many music lovers, myself included, after the release of his debut EP, The Passport. It’s no secret that ever since we (NytCrawlers) discovered his single ‘The Box’, and subsequently, all the other tracks which sum up a brilliant debut EP (The Passport), the community at have become huge fans of Tay.

Moreover, the biggest fear of any artist who sets the bar so high on their debut project, is meeting up to the high expectations of the sophomore project and in most cases, those expectations are hardly met. However, in Tay’s case, having listened to his new Ep, Renascentia, and as a harsh critic that I am, I can categorically say, “Tay is here to Stay.”

But hey, don’t take my word for it, LISTEN, and let me know your thoughts


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