November Isn’t Over According To Eri Ife

Singer/Songwriter Eri Ife made a major impression earlier in the year with YLLW, his joint EP with ace producer/singer/rapper Remy Baggins. The EP was a major introduction to the Lagos scene for this artist.

The singer just released a three-track compilation to mark the beginning of November. The project features Artists Maka and BarelyAnyHook and is produced by Remy Baggins and Sir Bastien.

November is three songs to get you deep in your feelings in styles that aren’t typical of Eri Ife. The exploration is great to hear and the production is stellar.

Small Girl Big God – YMK Sama x Proof the Sensei

Rapper, writer, director and self-proclaimed madman Yimika Owoaje – YMK Sama – is at the shenanigans again with his single Small Girl Big God. The track produced by Simpson is for Yimika, an attempt to woo the hottie that just walked past.

The PGM club first heard of this guy earlier this year when we watch the YLLW video (Eri Ife x Rem Baggins). Turns out Yimika is just as good in the studio as he is behind the camera.  After the handful of Freestyle Friday videos this man has given out, he jumps on this one with another amazing wordsmith in the person of Proof the Sensei. This one is for the men that just want to love without the burden of that ‘sugar daddy’ responsibility. The very clean video is a very hilarious interpretation of this: with YMK Sama and Proof the Sensei as attendants at Swit Mart, we watch as YMK tries and fails to put the moves on a pretty customer. The video is directed by YMK (duh) and Samuel Sirme.

Nigerian Rap has a very bright future.

This Is What #YLLWszn Looks Like

Collaborative projects can be very hit-or-miss even for the most seasoned artists, but when Eri Ife and Remy Baggins gave us their joint E.P. early this summer, there was no questioning that we had a hit on our hands. From the production (done exclusively by Remy Baggins) to the vocals right down to the music content; YLLW is an amazing project.

It isn’t presumptuous to say that the title track; YLLW is a crowd favourite; and now we know what #YLLWszn looks like. Directed by Yimika ‘Y.M.K.’ Owoaje on location in Ibadan, you can guess the video is just as happy and yellow as the song is.

A good visual start for YLLW.


Last week, Eri Ife and Remy Baggins were on the PGM radio show to discuss the release of their new collaborative EP, titled YLLW.

YLLW is a contemporary Afro-pop project, involving the fusion of several genres of both Africa and Diaspora. The EP features Ghanaian musician BRYANTHEMENSAH, with additional vocals and co-production from Sir Bastien. All songs on the project were written by both Eri Ife and Remy Baggins with “Bastien’s Interlude” the only exception. The entire project was engineered by Remy Baggins.

YLLW is Remy Baggins’ and Eri Ife’s first collaborative work, with both artists combining their different styles to create one unique sound. Remy Baggins (based in Lagos, Nigeria) and Eri Ife (Based in Ibadan, Nigeria) are hoping to reach a worldwide audience with this sound.

Download /Stream The YLLW EP here:  https://fanlink.to/yllw 

Connect With Remy Baggins and Eri Ife on all social platforms: @RemyBaggins & @EriifeMusic

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