A rare. Debut – Odunsi’s First Album

Pulling off a debut project that will make history books is hard. Making music that is inter-generational is even harder, but Odunsi has done it. The singer’s debut album premiered on the PGM Live radio show last Wednesday, an amazing private listening party on Thursday and the official public release on all platforms finally came through on Friday.

rare. is Odunsi’s first debut and it’s taken this vanguard two years to come through with this project. While some fans were mad that it’s taken their fave so long to put out a compilation, one listen to this superstar quality debut and you’ll understand why. The project samples the Funk/Disco sounds of the 70s/80s and some spins on 90s Hip-Hop and this has to be the best spin on the sounds produced this year and with such a superb blend of sound, you can’t really hate Odunsi’s music. With rare. we see Odunsi take sole charge of his brand aesthetic, adding to the redefinition of what it is to be an African artist in this age.


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rare. is successfully inter-generational and will go down in history as one of the best things to happen to Nigerian music since Fela


The album boasts features from mainstream and New School heavyweights: Runtown, Davido, Nasty C, Zamir, Tay Iwar, Lady Donli, Santi, Duendita, Amaarae, Hamzaa, Solis and 234Jaydaa. All the tracks on rare. are produced by Odunsi (save for Alté Cruise which was produced by Yinoluu, Take Me There produced by Le Mav and Outcast produced by Genio Bambino) with help from GMK, DJ Yin, Nosapollo, and Davido.

We waited two years to receive this piece of heaven and it should not by any means be squandered. Listen to rare. here.


Tomorrow by Fasina

Lately, several African artists have been drifting from the norm and exploring other genres of music – We at the PGM Club embrace the freedom of expression in music, wholeheartedly.

Fasina’s ‘tomorrow’ produced by Yinoluu, who also produced Ayüü’s ‘4uü’, and is on the rise known for constructing his sounds to merge with the balance and form of the artist’s voice and sound, is a classic example. This new single is breezy and has a warm, indie flow, completely different from his last single, 5 Star

The vibe is everything you need for the summer.  His many references to Nigerian slangs such as ‘Warri no dey carry last’ makes the song as a whole very Afrocentric! And adds a comic twist to what started off as a heartbreak song.

It’s the typical love story, many of us may find ourselves relating to this song. Fasina explains the complications of falling in love, the familiar drake line ‘feelings change’ pulls on many heart strings.

Nevertheless, despite the endless circle of back and forth as he explains, he’s just not ready to let go. Sounds familiar, right?

Hopefulness is bliss, the title ‘tomorrow’ is filled with the intent of anticipation.

We at The PGM Club recommend you give tomorrow a chance and spread the word to other good music lovers.

Credits: Adedayo Laketu, Lydia Gahan, Douglas Jekan




4uu by Ayuu

4UU, is a song by Ayuu, a mind who drew our attention with that stellar performance on the track ‘Alice’ of the Lady Donli Wallflower EP.
With his debut EP “H.E.R” already set to establish him as one of the creative minds to watch out for, he’s now out with his first release after the drop of his EP and we must say, it’s refreshing.
His sound is unique and distinct to him and draws an audience to understand and hear his words carved out like mini-stories.

4UU sees Ayuu go mellow, over a Yinoluu produced record that gives a soothing atmosphere for him to deliver his vocals perfectly as he sings, switching to a mellow flow all setting the mood for the track.
With backup vocals from the amazing vocalist Efé, 4UU has Ayuu riding hard for his girl, never letting her go, ever ready to prove he’ll do everything for her.

Ayuu is definitely one to watch out for, hence his being on D’Watchlist.  We recommend more of his music to our PGM audience, enjoy his latest offering.


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